Wednesday, March 29, 2017


"Drain  the swamp": resonated with a lot of good people because people know at every level of government and news coverage everything is broken.  Trust me if your source is Fox News, I will walk away from the conversation, but I will also say CNN is such a junk news service, I have no idea how anyone of integrity can associate with them.  They post endless misleading headlines to get you to read a story which actually does not exist.

Blogging like national and local news report is not much more than a trained monkey to type nonsense.  People enter the conversation and agree or disagree not based on facts but based on their preconceived ideas.

My politics for the most part are with the left.  But you know what I give a hats off to Governor Abbott for bringing us a workforce training center.  The label of Republican means nothing to me.  Jobs are good for the people and you get to jobs through a workforce training center. The Democrats never gave a rats ass about us on this issue, so the credit goes to Republican Abbott.  But this does not mean I will not go after him on other issues.

You know you are dealing with a pathological liar and con artists when they say their job is to go after the politicians as a blogger and then makes Rose Gowen into a sacred cow.  Trust me this is the only election I get to vote in and I am voting a blank ballot.

Rose Gowen failed to disclose she worked for UT when she voted to effectively give away Lincoln Park to UT.  The BV broke that story through a very reliable source.  Rose Gowen claims to be a doctor, but no matter how many times it was brought to her attention she ignored the dangers associated with people from Brownsville buying antibiotics in Mexico without a prescription.

Mexico saw the issue of the super bugs being caused by antibiotics and passed the law Rose Gowen would not even speak to, banning the entry of antibiotics into Brownsville from Matamoros without a prescription.

Hep C., HIV and HPV are major health problems in Brownsville. Although asked to use her position as a doctor and city commissioner to educate the people on these issue, she remains silent.

I can go on and on about her failures.  I have never attacked her for the issue of bike and walking trails because I think they enhance Brownsville.  Now the bike lane next to the zoo is a hazard and will get someone killed.  But otherwise you will not hear me complain.

So my question is, when a blogger ignores all of her failures, you know they are a con artist when they say they go after candidates because they do it to everyone, but are dead silent on Rose Gowen. Who is paying them?

I have made it clear, I am not endorsing or supporting anyone in the May election because none of them have anything to say about the issues which relate to meaningful change and growth in Brownsville.  My position has been firm and well documented for months.

My advice to everyone is, stop reading the blogs, they are either biased or based on pay to get what you want said.  The news media is the same.  Everyone has an agenda.  The BV will not deny it has an agenda.

In the Tipton case I asked for justice for both sides.  The BV was the first to immediately endorse and accept the jury verdict, and in fact went so far as to say based on the jury charge would have found Marisa Hernandez not guilty.  That is honesty.  But then I documented the case law which shows the jury charge was bad, which merited a mandamus.  I gave the Court of Criminal Appeals opinion showing the prosecutor can take a mandamus against a trial judge for a bad jury charge.  This is called balanced reporting.

This morning I was told Saenz personally called the Tipton family and told them the following case law does not exist.  Guys, nothing is going to change.  No one cares about the needs of the people. The Dems are idiots and continue to ignore the people by failing to come up with a real solution for the problems facing the Affordable Care Act in hopes when it fails the Republicans will take the hi. This is not serving the people.   So in March of 2018, I will vote a blank ballot in the Democratic Primary and then a blank ballot in November 2018.

Very clear, prosecutor can take a mandamus against a trial judge for a bad jury charge.  Saenz told the Tipton family this case law does not exist.  Why?

""In an opinion dated January 16, 2013, the Court of Criminal Appeals conditionally granted mandamus relief and ordered us "to grant mandamus relief directing Judge Keeling to submit the § 7.02(a)(2) theory of party liability in the jury charge and to submit the § 7.02(b) theory without requiring the State to show that Falk should have anticipated the particular method by which the murder was carried out." In re State ex rel. Weeks, 391 S.W.3d 117, 125-26, (Tex.Crim.App.2013) (orig. proceeding)"


Joseph Fielding said...

Thanks for your post. My girl was killed and left to rot in a ditch but I still asked my family to show compassion. We weren't treated likewise. I told Saenz two years ago when I found out about the ridiculeous bond, that they treated my girl like she was worth less than a bag of cow shit. I told him to make sure my family was treated with respect during this; they did not, lies were told, evidence was destroyed, we tolerated a corrupted judge, we were insulted in court, our second amendment rights were ignored, they would not refer to Mary by her right name, and much more. This was an attack on the Tipton family and I am the head of the Tipton family.

Joseph Fielding said...

I have instructed my sons to step back and live their lives; it is the old man's turn now. I am patient, I am experienced, I am calculative. Time will turn its cog. But when they relax, they will err. God Bless each and every one of you, especially Bobby. He certainly has me.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to the Tipton family for the shitty incompetent job our county did from investigating to prosecuting this case

Joseph Fielding said...

Thanks. . . Everything has its season. We will prepare our land, plant, cultivate our crops . . . pull the weeds. . . Then gather our harvest. We will seperate the chaft from the grain and burn the chaft. . . but all in its season.

Joseph Fielding said...

Cledus said, "Hey, Bubba. . . it sounded like the old man Tipton just declared war on the rat's nest in Cameron County!"
Budda, answered, "Do you reckon!?"