Friday, March 17, 2017

Banales' mustache seems to grow weirder every time he covers-up for corruption, just like Pinocchio's nose

More after breakfast, but this morning's caption is from a reader.

In this video you see a driver hit Mary Tipton and not stop and render aid.  You also see a large parking area where the driver could have pulled in to render aid.  The driver did not.  In this video it is not clear who is driving so I use no name.

But this is not the most damaging evidence.  Marisa Hernandez's son testified in his deposition that she called him and said she hit something.  He got out of bed and went to her home.  They conducted a search.  Based on the time frame of the hit Marisa Hernandez's son stated his mother admitted to, and the start of the search, for purposes of rendering aid Judge De Coss has already ruled aid was not immediately provided.

Gamez should have filed a motion to have all of the evidence in the civil case sealed until after the criminal trial, he did not.  Gamez never should have played the game of allowing his client to sue Ralph Tipton during the course of the criminal case.  Ralph had a fundamental right to defend himself.  Gamez is the sole person to blame for the disclosure of all of the evidence.

Now as a reader you have a choice, did Gamez do this as a scheme to later be able to say his client was denied a fair trial because of all of the pretrial publicity, or is Gamez as a seasoned attorney just this incompetent?

This case is wrought with evidence of corruption.  Pinocchio Mustache Bañales, has tried to use an unconstitutional gag order to keep Ralph from speaking about the corruption.  It is not going to happen.

Bañales messed up in round one by trying to silence Ralph, and clearly violated his civil rights.  The question now is, without a proper hearing and the tendering of the proper evidence, will Bañales sign the latest agreed order to gag Ralph Tipton.

As a matter of law a mandamus will issue because you cannot bar someone from defending themselves and then throw them in jail for violating an unconstitutional gag order.  Remember Ralph cannot file a motion to not sign the gag order citing the law because Judge De Coss ordered the Clerk of the Court to not accept any filings from Ralph.

Finally, Saenz should have verified copies of all of the depositions to be used to impeach the credibility of the witnesses.  They cannot now change their testimony.  The deposition testimony from the civil case proves this case.  The question is has Saenz done his job in getting the civil depositions which prove the criminal case, and will he use them to impeach the credibility of any witness, mostly the defendent's son, who may change their testimony.

If Bañales were worried about Marisa Hernandez getting a fair trial because of pretrial publicity, he should move the case to Nueces county.  Why has he made it known the pretrial publicity is a problem and has not moved the case?  Why has Gamez made a big stink about the pretrial publicity and not filed a motion to transfer the case to Nueces county?  Is it possible a seasoned attorney like Gamez has no idea what he is doing?  It is for you my readers to decide.

This case is so ripe for FBI intervention the court house stinks from the spoiled fruit which litters its floors.

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