Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Here is the deal, after 22 years of Republican control of Texas, and in fact most Gulf states, the Gulf is slowly dying.  I support local businesses, but we are at the point the Gulf can no longer sustain harvesting of fish or shrimp.  The dead zone is the size of Connecticut.  

I have explained to my family coming in July, that most restaurants will only have farm raised fish from Asia or Pollock from the North Pacific, or farm raised shrimp from Asia.  You must now ask for Gulf Shrimp and most places will tell you they do not have it. 

Responsible people do not over fish the Gulf until it is dead.  There was a time you could get all you could eat flounder or grouper.  Not any more.  I cannot even remember the last time I saw grouper on a menu.  Also the last time I was on the Island the flounder was from the South Pacific.

So those of you in the industry attack me all you want, but I care about the Gulf.  We need a moratorium on fishing and shrimping until the populations restore themselves. Remember when you pull the shrimp from the Gulf you are pulling a food source from a fish which will not multiply to be a food source for an even larger fish.  So just keep an fishing and taking shrimp from the Gulf and when there is nothing left, I am sure you will blame everyone but yourself.

HEB is now selling this wild caught Argentine Red Shrimp.  It is two pounds for $10.00.  A lot cheaper than Gulf shrimp.  When you cook it is is very firm and you can tell it is wild caught, and not farmed raised.  

It is your choice, you can fight to save what is left of the wild life in the Gulf or between pollution and over harvesting kill the Gulf.

It is so sad, people from all over the world come to SPI and it is nearly impossible to eat anything caught in the  Gulf of Mexico.

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