Monday, February 20, 2017


This one is going to make a lot of people mad.  When the Republicans especially women say they are pro life they are pathological liars.  They march to protect the fetus, which I support, but once the baby is born the motto of so many Republican women is let them starve and die from disease.


The chemical engineer who discovered Viagra was a Nicaraguan refugee.  Just think of where you would be without that refugee?

A cousin of mine was abandoned at age 12 by his parents with our aunt as the only alternative to being forced into the Sandinista Army in Nicaragua. My uncle such as his father was a very successful banker, but money could not buy his son freedom.  So they came to the US on a travel visa, and went back without their son.  In time when my aunt could not care for him an Order of priests took him in as a sanctuary.  He eventually became legal after graduating college and now works for a successful magazine.


A real mother, would do anything to save their children.  Far too many Republican women would allow their children to die.  Now if you say no  -  bullshit, unless you think you are better than the blacks and browns fleeing countries all over the world to protect their children.


To keep their jobs they allow the Anglo controlled press to continue with the narrative that the undocumented workers problem is limited to browns and blacks.  Why do we not discuss the illegal Irish and Polish immigrants, and for that matter the undocumented Anglo Russians and Eastern Europeans..

"There are an estimated 50,000 Irish citizens living and working illegally in the United States -- a tiny sliver of the undocumented population, but a considerable number for a home country of just 4.5 million people.

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The Polish problem was only referenced during the campaign because Trump was caught up hiring undocumented Polish workers.  Had the issue not been raised to embarrass Trump no one would have known about the problem.

The Eastern European and Russian mafia problem is a major problem in NYC and spreading to other cities.  Many are undocumented.  But you do not read about their criminal organizations.  But then they are white.


How can any mother accept a policy which forces a family to drag their children through knee deep snow to get into Canada to avoid deportation?  Refugees are facing amputation of fingers from frostbite.  Children are falling in the snow and freezing.  They do this rather than being deported back to a country where death is near certain.

Thousands of middle class Hondurans have come to the US legally on a visa, and stayed because they could no longer afford the protection they had to pay to the drug cartels or deal with death if they refused to give up their sons to fight for the cartels.

'THERE BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD GO I"  Absolute shame on all of you Republican mothers turning a blind eye to this reality.  I am so glad none of you are my mother or father, because I know my parents would have done anything necessary to protect us.  But by your own actions in supporting the anti-undocumented immigrant problem you support the death of children and entire families.


I understand and in many cases understand why and especially women could not vote for Hillary Clinton.  To be honest if I had a daughter, I would not want her to look to Hillary as our first female president.  I understand the many failures of the Democratic Party and why you could not vote Democrat.  In most cases I agree with you.  I do not deny the reality of the failures of the Democratic Party.  While I believe in a safety net, the Democrats create institutional generational poverty.  It is inhumane to support such policies.  But at least I do not deny the short comings of the Democratic Party.

Okay, I get it, it was a hard choice.  But one choice was to just not vote.  Another choice is to demand the impeachment of Trump.  I can live with Mike Pence as president.  He understands Congress and the process.  We may end up disagreeing on many policies, but Pence understands the process and at least will have respect for our laws and institutions.

To Republican women, I defy you to go to the refugee centers and tell these women to go home even if it means their children dying.  You will not, because you are cowards.


Thomas Jefferson in his reasoning to justify the Independence of the Colonies from England cited the following breach on immigration by the King as a basis for our Independence from England.

"He has endeavoured to prevent the population of these States; for that purpose obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither, and raising the conditions of new Appropriations of Lands.


Anonymous said...

I always find it interesting when people say they are pro-life, but support capital punishment. It is an Old Testament mentality ("An eye for an eye") that was put to rest in the New Testament ("turn the other cheek" and "love your enemies").

BobbyWC said...

On the issue of life I am pretty consistent. With the exception of the mother's life I oppose abortion. With two forms of emergency contraceptive there is no reason for an abortion based on rape or getting drunk or a condom breaking.

I oppose the death penalty 100% because in far too many cases we really cannot be certain, it demeans a civilized society, and the cost is way to high.

I can be called a hypocrit though in that I support the right to assisted suicide under strict conditions, and the right for anyone to end their life support assuming they are mentally competent to make that decision.

I ordered the end of life support for my brother in law after he asked me to and the nurse verified he had been asking for three days and he was deemed mentally competent. I do not regret the decision, but I live with it every day. I know I did the right thing.

He was 94 and so tired of being in the hospital all of the time wasting away with no water or food. He passed very peacefully. It made it easier that I was in the room. It is beautiful to watch the stress in the face go to total calm. But you will always question your decision. I guess because life is so precious.

But I also believe he went to be at peace with my sister, his late wife. When he asked me to order the end of the life support I put my hand on his chest and said, "Caroline is tired of waiting, just close your eyes and go. She is on the dance floor with a beautiful new blue dress waiting for you." The nurse made it easier on my because she told me when they were preparing him to pull the life support, before the family entered the room, he said to the nurse as he was about to get the injection to calm him and make him sleep he said "thank you."

So on this issue people can probably say I have a double standard. Other than faith in being at peace and it was his time, I have no defense.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I'm probably hypocritical too as I generally oppose abortion but my voting record does not support that. My point was that some people claim that they are pro-life while voting republican yet at the same time they support the death penalty, approve of cut backs on entitlements (a punishment for people like single mothers), and oppose immigration and LGBTQ rights. These are also biblical issues as the bible clearly emphasizes caring for widows, orphans, and strangers and provides for "Sanctuary" cities or cities of refuge. While I tend to vote democrat, I agree with Jim Wallace (author, professor, activist) who contends that God is neither a republican nor a democrat. But the platform of democrats appeals to me more than the republican platform, especially with our current administration, because of the reasons I listed above, among others. I respect your decision with your brother as well. I work primarily with elderly people and there comes a time when quality of life is absent. I would imagine it is not an easy decision to make.