Friday, February 24, 2017


I am not a mall shopper unless what I want can only be bought at the mall, such as "Build a Bear."  Part of the story concerning Sears I am dumping because although two different people told me Sears no longer opens at 10, when you call the store they say they open at 10.

But I can say Sears, JCP, and Dillards have all laid off people and cut employee hours and benefits.  Sears earlier announced the closing of stores, Brownsville was not on that list.  Today JCP announced it is closing 140 stores. JCP's is saying they are looking at sales and needed upgrades at individual stores in deciding which will be closed.


The stores doing well all over the country have lots of sales, coupons, and massive discounts.  JCP has good coupons and sales.  I will tell you my family tells me we have more open cashiers in Brownsville than they do at the JCP at the mall near them.  But the lines are always long.  Customer service on the floor is non-existent.

The number of full time employees with benefits has shrunk big time.  College students or anyone else getting 20 hours with no benefits are never going to be invested in the store.  This is a fact.  JCP like Sears is one of those chains with long term customers who came to know the sales associates, and the associates knew them and their needs.  This was the draw.  Well the change in how we shop forced that model to be abandoned in favor of employees who are not invested in the stores or customers.


I think we are safe in Brownsville because a lot of Mexican nationals shop at JCP and Sears.  As a community we also do not shop high end stores.  I will admit I find shopping on line to be cheaper and easier.  The new pump I just bought for my pool is a good $200 more if I buy it locally versus Amazon.

The Mall owners and the City need to meet with JCP and Sears and offer any tax breaks or help available to show corporate that we are serious about their presence in Brownsville.  If we lose either, the Mall will be on life support.  But I know our leaders, they will wait until JCP or Sears close their local stores and then say "oh well."


Anonymous said...

The mall on life support because they rejected macys! Dumb move years ago.

Anonymous said...

If CBL & Associates doesn't do something to counter what Simon Property Group in collaboration with the City of McAllen are doing with La Plaza mall, Sunrise Mall is in REAL trouble. Not to mention the pending announcement of a 1400 acre $250 million master-planned mixed-use-development at the corner of I69E and Highway 100.