Friday, February 3, 2017


So will con artist and fraud Mike Hernandez and Tad Hasse apologize for their contempt for our constitutional guarantee of innocent until proven guilty.  Hell no

Will the troll who posted the moronic question of where in the law it says you can be indicted and still hold office come forward and give their name and say they were wrong.  No.

Like I said yesterday I would not predict the result.  I will never forget the case where the judge, DA and I all expected the jury to come back with a not guilty against my client for an alleged assault. The alleged victim's testimony was so bizarre the judge had to call the DA and myself up to  the bench to tell us to stop laughing at her testimony.  Well in the end once the jury admitted they did not believe her but convicted my client anyway, the judge declared jury misconduct.

Juries are so unpredictable.

So now we have  another failed Saenz political prosecution.

Although Saenz was not involved in  the Erin Garica matter, my ex went to the District Clerk in Dallas to seek a 72 hour waiver for a marriage license.  He was told Dallas has no filing fee and any judge including the JP can sign the waiver.  He paid the JP $60.00 for the service and 72 hour waiver.  We need to end the use of our judicial system  for politically ends.

Next up is Pete Sepulveda. We are waiting on an appellate decision on John Chambers.

The biggest con artist in all of this is Judge Elia Cornejo Lopez.  As a judge she know innocent until proven guilty.  She nonetheless ran her husband against Tony Yzaguirre.  Shame on her and her contempt for our constitution.

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