Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I have ignored the requests on this question because we need to focus on Debbie Portillo, John Villarrael and Rose Gowen who are up for reelection.  Jessica has another two years before her next campaign begins.

Well this has been a question for me for some time because there is no record of Jessica or Art owning land in Cameron county or a house.  On Halloween night she was at her mother's house passing out candy.


Some of this is based on verified county records, and some is based on my experience in real estate law.  The picture is of Art and Jessica partying it up in Vega just a few weeks ago, while Art refuses to pay on outstanding judgments.

In fact in August Art mediated with the AG's office to settle $2,387.70 child support arrears from his previous marriage.  The record shows the child support was set at $450.00 a month after another battle concerning payment of his child support. His child support has not been reset since 2010.  This is unheard of.  But the Brownsville office of the AG is a nightmare and not known for doing their job.  His support should be $14.75 % of his basic monthly take home.  It would normally be 20%, but he gets a reduction for the three children he has with Jessica.  

Now when you consider how she flaunts everything Art buys her, the cost of the Tesla, and other cars, and remodeling of the house, any experienced child support lawyer will tell you the number is way too low.


Well Art has a joint judgment of over $12 million dollars to one company, and $385 to the state.  It would be unheard of for a mortgage company to agree to a loan under these conditions, even though they would remain the first lien holder.  The issue is the legal fees which go into foreclosure if that becomes a problem.

According to the Child support agreed order I was able to verify the address where she lives.  I will not disclose the address for security reasons.  You will not find it with the online Cameron County Appraisal Distrist search because although there may be easily 50 or more houses on the street, the street basically does not exist in the system.

Once I had an address I went to the tax office.  They printed out the taxes on the house.  They are current.  There are no exemptions on the house, such as senior citizen.  This is key.  The tax bill is sent to her grandmother at Jessica's mother's house down the block.  The house remains in the grandmother's name.  There is no homestead on the house or senior discount for taxes.

This is where my legal knowledge comes into play. People with judgment's liens etc cannot generally get a mortgage.  Oh I am certain there are some mortgage companies out their which charge very high interest rates for such people.

What is commonly done is, such a person will buy a home as owner financed.  I have personally seen where nothing is recorded until the home is paid for.  There is nothing more than a written contract between the parties.  The county has no record of such a contract, so if it exists it is not filed with the county, or has not been posted.

Another option is the grandmother is just allowing them to rent the house while also remodelling it. Without seeing the written agreement there is no way of knowing the arraignment.

But for sure the county records show the house where Jessica and Art Kalifa live is owned by Jessica's grandmother with no exemption for seniors or homestead on the house.  If there is a contract for purchase by Art and Jessica then the house can be foreclosed on with the first amount going to payoff the grandmother and the rest to pay down the $12 million judgment.


Jessica loves to flaunt her phony new money.  She has no class on this issue.  People with old money do not conduct themselves in this way.

Art gets behind on his child support while paying way too little, while he buys her things she does not need.  She clearly believes the personal possessions she loves to show off are more important than Art supporting his daughter from his first marriage.

Jessica and Art Kalifa are many things, but they are not persons of means - the judgments especially on child support prove that.

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