Friday, January 6, 2017


Do not fret I have a Brownsville post.

I could write pages on this one based solely on this morning's news.  It starts with Trump's order all US Ambassadors to resign the day he is inaugurated.  This dip has no idea of the importance of ambassadors.  He has the right to appoint his own ambassadors.  But you do not leave the US without any ambassadors for the months and possibly the year it will take to replace them all.  And remember the host country can reject Trump's choice for the ambassador.


Yesterday Senator John McCain said President Obama only threw a pebble at Russia over the alleged hacking issue, when he would have thrown rocks.  I am on the fence on this issue.  But, Mexico needs to start throwing boulders at the U.S.

Yesterday and today Trump went on the attack against Mexico.  Just minutes ago his staff posted the US will pay for the new wall, and then force Mexico to pay for it.  Trump and his staff are clueless about Mexico and Latin America.  Tiosamismo will not play in Latin America.  They will not go backwards.

Trump first threatened Ford, which caved like cowards, and now is threatening Toyota and Nissan that if they continue to manufacture cars in Mexico the US will impose a 35% tariff on the cars.

The tariff wars on this kind ended decades ago.  The US needs Mexico.

Mexico needs to recall its ambassador the day Trump takes office, and refuse to accept any ambassador nominated by Trump.  Next they need to stop all repatriation flights from the U.S. into Mexico, and all bus trips of repatriation.  Trump will be powerless unless he intends to order our troops to cross into Mexico to force the issue.

I will go so far to say most if not all Latin American countries should recall their ambassadors from the U.S. and refuse any Trump appointees.  They should also refuse all repatriation flights.  Yes, Trump will cut off foreign aid to these countries.  Then watch as their citizens flee to an insecure U.S. Border.  

Mexico is the power house in this play.  If they allow Trump to kill trade with Mexico and new jobs for Mexico, Mexico will explode with protests.  Then the U.S. will have a very unstable neighbor at its border.

I hope Mexico has the courage to do what needs to get done.



Donald Trump does not have the 50 Republican Senators he needs to carry out all of his crazy ideas. I say 50 because the VP can break a tie vote to favor Trump.  More and more Republican Senators are speaking out against Trump and his proposed policies.

Mexico is not only important to the border areas, but all of Texas.  Our Senators are refusing to speak out in protection of our ties to Mexico.  If Trump wins on these crazy ideas, Texas and in particular the border areas lose.

Do not forget Toyota generates a lot of money for San Antonio and Texas.

Trump's renewal of Imperialist policies towards Latin America are dangerous and will set the U.S. and Latin America back 50 years.


Anonymous said...

Trump's policy is definitely protectionist, although it is really a stretch saying it is Imperialistic.
Maybe you have let your ethnic vanity cloud your judgement in an over simplification what Imperialism may be.

BobbyWC said...

Well we will have to agree to disagree. I know tiosamismo. Latin America Wii see this as Imperialism

Bobby WC