Friday, January 13, 2017


Now to be fair, the wealthy are also about to get hit with a tax increase, but they can better absorb it than the middle class, and the poor.

How this tax increase will work changes from state to state.

The Affordable Care Act, allowed community hospitals funded with tax dollars to bill the insurance companies of people who accessed ACA.  These publicly funded hospitals now had a source of income other than the taxpayers.

In NY for example, county community hospitals are funded by imposing a tax on your health insurance.  If you employer provided health insurance or you bought it yourself before ACA you were taxed to raise money to pay for the community hospitals which provided the poor with free healthcare and were part of the medical schools.

Hidalgo county has twice voted down such a hospital because in Texas you property is taxed to fund the hospitals.  In big cities like El Paso, FTW, Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and others I am sure the property owners pay a property tax to fund the hospitals used for indigent healthcare and the medical schools.

From the last election.

"With 83 percent of precincts reporting, 72 percent of voters had cast ballots against the Healthcare District, according to preliminary results published by the Hidalgo County Elections Department at 9:49 p.m."

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So depending on the State you live in most of the middle class is going to be hit with a tax increase once ACA is repealed.  Oh ACA has problems, but not the original plan, just the plan which was passed as part of the Republican compromise.  ACA is not raising your rates, it is the insurance companies.  Medicare spends 3% of its revenue to run it program.  The insurance companies spend a lot more to run the company.  The one payer system was the only way to hold down rates, but the insurance companies and Republicans opposed it.

Without insurance to bill once the ACA is repealed the community hospitals will have to make up the short fall by raising taxes.  So congrats to all of you Republicans - you voted to raise taxes on yourself while funding free healthcare for people who will be without insurance.  How generous of you.

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Anonymous said...

Republicans or Democrats makes no difference. None do for Disabled. Nobody cares. Everyone wants to get rich and keep the poor in ruins. I'm tired of believing one is better than the other. Neither is good in my book.