Tuesday, January 31, 2017


First he is highly qualified. In the same way the press missed how Justice Kennedy went to a house warming party for a gay couple the night he was confirmed,and then were surprised Justice Kennedy was pro gay rights, the press is missing Gorsuch clerked for Justice Byron White.  Byron White was the last Justice to issue a dissenting opinion in every case the Supreme Court refused to hear when there was a conflict of opinion by the different court of appeals.  Byron White felt the Court should take on more cases.  Justice White believed the Court did not serve the people by refusing to hear so many cases. 

Also he served under Justice Kennedy who is the swing vote.  Justice Gorsuch learned from Justice Kennedy that a swing vote is important.  Democrats need to do their due diligence, but the nomination will get through.

But the Democrats will also get a lot of political capital out of this, which will galvanize their base. Remember bad decisions will give the Democrats the argument they need to flip the Senate in 2 years.  Politics is never so simple as people think. Gorsuch could be the man who costs the Republicans the Senate in two years.  Be careful what you ask for.

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