Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Nick works part time doing tats.  He has done all three of mine.  I want a fourth but I do not know what I want or where I want it.  Anyway, he is doing the same tatoo on his wife and two sister in laws in honor of my sister's late husband.  Nick is a great husband and father.  He has also put a lot and I mean a lot of ink on my family.  No discount.  This is in part how he supports his family so we all pay full price.  

NY is very strict about tatoos.  They are subject to inspection at any time.  All needle packets have serial numbers.  I know with me if he stops to change colors or needles or for just about any other reason he changes gloves.  The place is like a surgery room.  Spotless.  There is zero chance of any cross contamination.

Well this week I cancelled  a trip to Dallas for a wedding.  For now flying is out of the question until we learn what is happening.  Yesterday was scary.  I walked out of Stripes without paying for the coffee.  They know me so they just ran after me with no big deal.  Then I could not understand how to start the car.  

The VA is adament - I am to call an ambulance to go to VB.  Will not happen.  I am under Vets Choice when it comes to doctors and have been told Congress never intended it to be a program where vets can choose doctors or where they get their care.  Just another congressional con job to make it appear they are working for vets.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Bobby sorry to hear you are not doing well. I will keep you in my prayers and hope that you recover quickly my friend