Saturday, January 14, 2017


The BV is not McHale, I can keep Mike paying his incompetent lawyer for 10 years to get nowhere, while I continue to tell the truth about his con artist fraudulent ways.  He will not get a gag order, because his scheme is to shut down all commentary on his organization and that is so close to absolute protection under freedom of speech, not even a bought and paid for judge would be so dumb as to go down that path.

In his lawsuit he admits it is all tied to OP10.33.  He resides at 8425 Breakers Blvd, SPI.  This makes venue mandatory in Cameron County.  Then there is the new 12b6 type Motion To Dismiss, and Slapp Motion.  His attorney might want to hire someone who can read and read Byron D. NEELY, Individually and Byron D. Neely, M.D., P.A., Petitioners, v. Nanci WILSON, CBS Stations Group of Texas, L.P., d/b/a KEYE–TV, and Viacom, Inc., Respondents.

No. 11–0228.

    Decided: June 28, 2013

D & M Leasing will be sued in Cameron county because according to whois, it owns the web page for OP10.33.  Mike asks for donations, while claiming he will fund the programs.  My research is incomplete because the state filings cannot be trusted, but I can find no evidence OP10.33 was registered as a non profit to collect funds.  This will mean he has no legal duty to to keep an accounting.of the money donated to OP10.33.  Only discovery on Mike will answer this question.

I figure after about $250,000, in attorneys fees, Mike will threaten Frank Hill and all of this will come to an end.

By the way no where in his lawsuit does he quote me once for anything.  This is proof his lawsuit is to shut down all reporting on OP10.33.  It is about to increase a million fold, and not in a way he will like.

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