Thursday, January 12, 2017


Background on the show.  The primary lead actress plays a doctor, and the primary lead actor works in a high profile position at a magazine.  This black family has money.  If you want to know the tone of the show one scene last night had the grandfather trying to help his grandson to understand black history and the "I Have a Dream Speech."  When the grandson indicated he got it, he needed to get mad, the grand father said. "No you need to be yourself and just love people" paraphrase.  He said he was an angry black man and it was time for his grandson to move on beyond being an angry black man.  This is the show, week after week.  


And before I hear it, it was not about Trump bashing.

From the white female employee who voted for Trump.

"Daphne, a Black woman, addresses Lucy — “resident white woman” — directly, demanding to know how 53% of white woman managed to vote for a man whom she calls a “p---y grabber.” Questions that need answers.

Before Lucy can respond, Leslie offers his take: American white women are “as fickle as a pinot noir.” Sexist white dudes who think they’re progressive just because they didn’t vote for Trump have been in rare form since even before the election results came in.

Lucy initially chooses silence in response to Daphne’s inquiry. This familiar passive aggressive move buys into the silent Trump voter narrative, especially when Lucy reveals that she did, in fact, vote for him. But don’t worry, she can’t be racist because she had black friends. "


Lucy also went on to say she wants a female president, but not Hillary.  This was a common response by women all over the country.  In fact many women went on to say they thought their daughters deserved better than Hillary.  

In this episode everyone got their fair say. But Dre, the male lead did a monologue which really summed it up.  We need to face the election results and move on while working for a better tomorrow.

". Dre is silent until Leslie "why do you not care about what's happening to our country?"

"You think I'm not sad that Hillary didn't win?" he says. "That I'm not terrified about what Trump's about to do? I'm used to things not going my way. I'm sorry that you're not and it's blowing your mind, so excuse me if I get a little offended because I didn't see all of this outrage when everything was happening to all of my people since we were stuffed on boats in chains. I love this country. As much if not more than you do. And don't you ever forget that."

Then back to their home and their daughter tells the mother who is a doctor that she is wrong about their values dying,

 One where Zoey [daughter] (Yara Shahidi) tells a despairing Bow [mother] (Tracee Ellis Ross) that "our values don't disappear just because our side lost one election. And in the next one, me and my friends will be voting. We're gonna pick up right where you left off." 

I am bored to death with all of the post election coverage.  It is done.  On January 20th Donald Trump will be our president.  He will fail or succeed.  In two years based on his performance we will have mid-term elections wherein we can flip the Senate and House and make Donald Trump a lame duck president if need be, but maybe not.

Politics is complex.  Many of his cabinet nominees have already made clear they are not in agreement with Donald Trump on some big issues.

Obamacare is being dismantled at the federal trial court level since the election because the federal trial judges all want court of appeal appointments, and know US Attorney Sessions will not pursue the appeal.  Our ignorance of how our system works is destroying us.  It is time to get educated.


If you are simply going to back someone because you know them, please don't vote.  You are not qualified.  Not one candidate who has announced so far, has identified one problem or one solution for Brownsville.  You know why?  Because far too many people vote based on knowing people instead of demanding answers.


Next Wednesday it will be available without having to sign in through your carrier.  I tried but Spectrum would not let me in.  But you can try by clicking here.  It is the Lemons Episode.  I will try and repost next Wednesday when you will be able to stream it without having to log in.

This episode will win the Emmy for the best series episode.  All sides got a voice, while in the end dismissing the gloom it is over with mentality.  We will move on, and another election will either affirm Trump's success, or stop his failures.  We live in a Democracy, and all the doomsayers need to learn to accept the democratic process.

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