Friday, January 6, 2017


I'm back.  It was nice to be in my bed last night.  The problem is not the airlines, but the people, with a rare event with an airline employee.  I am TSA Precleared.  This is awesome for getting through security.  

When I returned from NY the United agent decided to give me lip when I checked my bag.  I do not pay for the first bag.  I then told her the flight is booked and the gate agents will check my carry on to make room for those who need the overheads.  In Houston they check my carry on for free because they do not fit on the commuter flights.  In Brownsville if both flights are booked United will allow you to check your carry on for free to your final destination.  So I asked the United Agent at LaGuardia about the policy and she got very aggressive verbally.  

I am registered with United for a respiratory problem and am given a wheelchair to get around.  Houston is always great in meeting my needs.  I asked her for the assistance and she refused, and then gave me a special pass telling me if I could find anyone moving people around to just give them the card and they would help me.  It took over an hour for me to walk what should have been 15-20 minutes.

When I got to the gate the agent could see I was gasping for air and helped me sit.  She took my carry on and checked it through to Brownsville, because the flight was full.  She then upgraded me to the bulkhead seats which have much more room.  She noticed I was marked for assistance in getting around.  I told her what happened and she was mad.  She called it in and I suspect the original agent got a tongue lashing.

The last thing I cannot prove.  But since being on the TSA Preclearance list, I have never been stopped while going though security.  For those of you who have not seen it, we have a special line because other than scanning your carry-ons they do nothing.  You do not have to take off your shoes, remove your lap top or open your medical devices for inspection. We move real fast.  Well after the TSA agent scanned my ticket or license an alarm went off and I was detained for at least 15 minutes waiting for an advance search.  I am convinced the first United Agent entered something in the computer.  This has never happened before, and in fact I have never seen a TSA Precleared traveller detained for an advance search.

I have two more trips this month.  The good news is I am not leaving Texas, so I will only have to deal with United in Brownsville and Houston, so I know all will go well.

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