Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Not sure where to begin.  This speech should be shown as a lesson in every high school and college political science class.  It was a lecture on how government works.  It is replete with historical references which put the function of government and the people in perspective.

I loved when he said tie up your shoes and start getting signatures to get on the ballot.

One thing on my mind is the inauguration.  The Democrats and phony liberals in Washington seem hell bent on turning the American people away from the Democratic Party.  Oh, I will never go Republican, what we need is a new political party.

Inauguration day is not about Trump, it is about one of the most significant moments in our history - our ability to peacefully transfer power from one president to the next.  Shame on Hollywood for refusing to participate.  Their conduct is unpatriotic and shameful.


President Obama made a reference to good people not running for public office because of the negative attacks which come with the run for public office.  I agree with the president, with an important qualifier.

We the people can legitimately challenge people who are running for office without lies and mindless insults.  It is the lies and mindless insults which keep good people from exposing themselves and family from the rigors of running for public office,


It was the intent [not sure I am still interested] for the BV to discuss the failures by specificity and not broad conclusory statements, the failures of our current city commission and specifically Rose Gowen, Debbie Portillo, and John Villarreal.

But I am looking at the candidates so far and see nothing which will lead to change.  Ben Neece's web page reads like the silly say and do nothing commercials Mike Hernandez is running as part of OP10.33.

Not a word on policy changes.  We are paying far too much for water, and no one has a word on water policy.  During his first campaign I challenged Tony Martinez on this issue and he said he would promote conservation.  He never did.  It is easier to just keep on raising the rate the people must pay.  That is not a water policy.

So I have identified a problem.  So what is the solution.  There is state and federal money to pay for the weir dam to back up enough water to service Space X and some of Brownsville, without impacting the downtown area.  Space X needs the water.  Where are we going to get it?  Smart minds use Space X as a reason to get the state and federal funding for the weir dam.

When it becomes possible for Mexico to do its part in Matarmoros, the dam will be there and we hold back enough water to make both Brownsville and Matamoros downtowns beautiful downtown waterfront cities.

Changing who sits on the city commission for the sake of changing who sits on the city commission is stupid.  Right now none of the candidates have put forth a specific problem we face and a solution for the problem.  I refuse to vote for a new face which still has no idea what Brownsville needs.

If you have decided to run and cannot think of one problem and solution to post to your FB or web page, then you should not run.  It means you have not thought about the problems and solutions.  It means you want a position of power, which in my opinion disqualifies you from public service.  If your announcement is about promoting yourself and not specific solutions to specific problems then your announcement is that of a narcissistic fool.

As the President reminded us, it is up to we the people to demand answers.  If we do not demand that the candidates specify the problems which need addressing and the solution, then we will just end up voting for another person who has no vision.  We will have accomplished nothing in replacing Rose Gowen, Debbie Portillo, and John Villarreal.


Anonymous said...

"Shame on Hollywood for refusing to participate. Their conduct is unpatriotic and shameful."
Just a tad judgemental, maybe?

BobbyWC said...

Not at all. If you feel compelled to boycott the peaceful transfer of power in the US then you are not patriotic. It is that simple

Bobby WC