Monday, January 9, 2017


I am limited in what I can say because I have no permission to disclose what is happening, and there have been no postings on FB.  But I may have to go to NY on an emergency.  Someone very dear to me just lost their second child in 6 months.  If she is ready to go, I really need to see her again.  When my tia Angelita died, she called me the day before asking that I get to NY.  I made reservations for two weeks out, and she passed the next day.  Southwest charge me my first born to change that ticket. I am not sure I want to take that chance again.

She is the essence of faith.  In private discussions with those who know her we all agree no matter how bad things have been for her when you are in her presence she throws off positive energy to make your problems go away.  She knows nothing but unconditional love for all mankind.

With this last passing, we all expected her to go fast.  The reasons are private.  She is one tough cookie and will hold until she believes she has done everything God expects of her.  Her faith is the purest I have ever seen in any person.

I think she is going to prove everyone wrong and make it to 100 or more.  She is close, but she knows through her faith she heals people and just brings joy and comfort to everyone in her presence. She is the most selfless person I have ever met.  So long as she believes she has a purpose and is needed by her family, she will stick around.

From a young child I felt that positive energy she gives everyone in her presence.  She saved me.  I am okay if she passes.  She has done her part a million times over.  But she is one tough cookie, and she may decide she needs a few more years to set everything straight - which is not possible - but not possible is outside her sense of faith.

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