Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Remodelling comes in many forms.  In my neighborhood, I have lost count as to many homes have undergone complete or partial remodelling.  In my cul-de-sac, all but one house has a new roof in my 5 1/2 years here.  One neighbor is nearly done  gutting the entire house, a new roof, new pipes, and resurfacing the pool.  It was an estate sale of a house in need of a lot of repairs.  On the other side, as to the outside, roof, resurfacing the pool, and putting on an extension, is just some of what my neighbor did.  The house across the street got a complete inside and outside remodelling.  My house with the exception of the roof, pool, and pipes had a complete remodelling before I moved in. All I have left is the resurfacing of the pool.

Another neighbor down the way remodelled the entire inside of the house before moving in, and is now adding two type extensions on the outside.

All of this means the price of our homes will go up and so too will taxes.  Brownsville is on the move.  This is not happening without money.  I borrowed $25,000 from the Texas Veterans Land Board at 3.39%, and increased the value of my home while holding down the insurance on the home. House by house we are beautifying Brownsville. I'm still waiting on those doors.  They are in, I just now have to schedule installation which is no easy task because the state inspector and installer both have to be available at the same time.


It is about innovation.  Many of you may remember the City Commission allowed the BPUB to charge an arm and a leg to commercial developers for installing and connecting services.  For downtown this fee and all permit fees must be waived for any developer willing to remodel a building while maintaining the integrity of the building, within reason.


All over town owners of old shopping centers have redone the facade of their buildings.  The buildings look new.  In my years here Four Corners has blossomed.  The latest addition is an old Chinese restaurant which was an eye sore, which is now completely remodelled with a new parking lot, with nothing left to do but build out the inside for the new owners.  The owner of the building is selling the spaces to the tenants instead of renting the space.


We must remember to separate the people from the politicos.  We must remember to separate Brownsville from the politicos.  There is no city on the continental US with better weather year round with a wonderful gulf breeze than Brownsville.  Our weather, and outside amenities are awesome.  The problem is not the people or the city, it is our politicos.  I was challenged on this over the Holidays as to San Diego.  I asked a simple question.  How is swimming in the Pacific in San Diego - answer - the gulf is a lot warmer and better.

We must send Debbie Portillo, John Villarreal and Rose Gowen packing.  

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