Thursday, January 19, 2017



Jessica Plays victims and lies:

Recently, my husband and I have been a target of an individual who has stalked, threatened, slandered, and continues to spread false information about our family and business dealings. Our family continues to seek the action of law enforcement and a protective order in fear of the safety of our children and ourselves. We ask for prayers of strength and protection at this this time."

Tuesday is when I learned where she lives so how she gets to stalking is beyond me.  I learned the address from the above child support order on Art, her husband.

It has been over a year since I have been to her business, and that was by invitation.  When I refuse to post her address or the deed documents which prove my claims, how am I endangering her.  She loves to use her children as a weapon for sympathy.  That is pathetic.

Hire a good lawyer darling, defamation law does not require you use my name.  That house has no homestead on it.  With me it will not be just another unpaid judgment.  We are going to rid Brownville of all elected officials who are less then honorable.


Art Kalifa FAKE news if I've ever seen it. Like · Reply · 14 hrs. Mchale copied my story and Art posted the fake news comment..

I chose to not post supporting documents because they involve innocent 3rd parties.  This one says enough.  Jessica's grandmother is not part of the story and I will not post public documents which prove my claims.   She seems to have done a nice thing for her granddaughter and Art wants to force the issue not caring how it might hurt the grandmother.  Anyone can go to the second floor of the Administration building and see the originals on all documents.  The county clerks are very helpful and will take you step by step.  But I refuse to even name the grandmother.  Man up Art.

I am done for the day.  My computer is a mess again with the search.conduit problem.  They do not even know what to call it.  Some call it a PUP others call it a crab.  They say it attaches through Bing.  I have tried removing Bing and cannot.  No program removes the search conduit.  It is so bad it will not allow my Norton or Norton eraser to work.


Oh yes, no closer to getting my doors than a year ago.  TDI rejected them.  McCoy's corporate is defending themselves.  TDI refuses to pick up the phone and call the main manufacturer to verify McCoys is authorized to sell the doors.  They want me to get Masonite to file all of the proper paperwork they say does not exist.

Also the inspector who rejected the second set of doors who lives on the coast in Corpus asked if the doors were still available at the other company because he wanted them for his house.  Hold it, if he lives closer to the shore then me, how are the doors acceptable to TDI for him and not for me.

The State needs to overhaul TDI.  It should not be this hard.

The problem I am having is I refuse to pay a private engineer to approve the doors.  TDI does not check their work.  They will approve anything.  TDI does the inspection for free, so they demand complete compliance.  The private engineers will approve doors without the mandatory Windstorm Certification sticker on the door.


Anonymous said...

Omg..what a drama queen!
"Fears for her safety",,, pffft..if she fears anything it should be due to her incompetence and show off personality

BobbyWC said...

Your comment is rejected because I never called her that and your words are vile. Further, I never said to not worry about Trump or protest. Even Obama said this change is a comma, not a period. If you want to spent the next 4 years crying over Trump, have at it. You accused me of being one of his supporters when my writings clearly showed I backed Sanders.

You have a very poor understanding of politics. The press missed it but Trump during the signing in of his cabinet looked to Democrat Nancy Pelosi first and gave her the first pen - albeit as a joke. Paul Ryan then got all upset when Trump teased with Nancy Pelosi to sign in Tom Price. Ryan actually grabbed for the paper from Nancy's hand. She laughed at the hole thing and said no Mr. President.

Trump needs the Democrats and a few Republicans to get through the infrastucture, trade, and prescription drug measures.

I am hard pressed to believe that at least 4 of the border Republican Senatore will go along with Trump on Mexico. There are 6 Republican border Senators who can ill afford to cause problems in their states with Mexico.

Will I like everything Trump does, no - but I know the system and he will be forced to work with both sides to get what he wants. I for one will not be complaining if he brings down the price of prescription drugs and brings about infrastructure repairs. It will probably be paid for with an increase in gasoline taxes.

I suspect I am going to be very fearful of his Supreme Court nominee.

We lost, so now we speak out when we can and work with him to win his favor when we can.

But you spend the next 4 years crying. The greatness of our nation is the peaceeful transition of power. That transition is why we have a fundamental right to cry me a river for the next for years. While I will defend your right, it does not mean I have to agree with it.

I am going to sit and wait and see what happens. Trump on key issues can only win by coalition. This will make pleasing the Republicans difficult.

My first big thinig to watch for is how he handles the Dakota Pipe line. If he angers our side, any Democrat who works with him will be in trouble. I will bet the farm Chuck Schumer a Democratic Senator from Ny will get a lot of time with Trump next week. They came across as friendly today. All of teh press agreed they have a good relationship. The horror on Paul Ryan's face the two time Trump played nice with Nancy Pelosi was priceless and tells us a lot. Ryan did not like it. Nancy did.

I am in a wait and see mode.

Bobby WC