Tuesday, January 31, 2017


First he is highly qualified. In the same way the press missed how Justice Kennedy went to a house warming party for a gay couple the night he was confirmed,and then were surprised Justice Kennedy was pro gay rights, the press is missing Gorsuch clerked for Justice Byron White.  Byron White was the last Justice to issue a dissenting opinion in every case the Supreme Court refused to hear when there was a conflict of opinion by the different court of appeals.  Byron White felt the Court should take on more cases.  Justice White believed the Court did not serve the people by refusing to hear so many cases. 

Also he served under Justice Kennedy who is the swing vote.  Justice Gorsuch learned from Justice Kennedy that a swing vote is important.  Democrats need to do their due diligence, but the nomination will get through.

But the Democrats will also get a lot of political capital out of this, which will galvanize their base. Remember bad decisions will give the Democrats the argument they need to flip the Senate in 2 years.  Politics is never so simple as people think. Gorsuch could be the man who costs the Republicans the Senate in two years.  Be careful what you ask for.


I fall a lot.  I have horrible balance.  There is a sensation in my head which is totally disabling.  I went a couple of rounds with the VA gastroenterologist over the use of Pantoprazole for bile gerd.   It is not for bile gerd.   This has been  established.  I can tell you from first hand experience and research with the NIH lemon water breaks down bile and is the proper treatment.

A side effect of Pantoprazole is micro bleeds in the  brain.  In Jan 2016, my MRI was normal on this issue,  I was put on the Pantoprazole in September.  I met with the VA gastroenterologist in October to explain the side effects I was feeling and that it was not working.  The VA is working on my complaint against the doctor.  In December 2016, the brain MRI showed micro bleeding in the brain.

I was told after my second gallbladder surgery that I was in for a rough ride with my liver.  The increased ammonia levels from the liver raises a concern.  I am tired.  Walking around sometimes is difficult.

A lot of my blogging may be more referring my readers to other stories.  If you did not watch the interview with Tony Garza, you missed an important interview which explains the complexity of U.S. Mexican relations and the challeneges Trump faces.  This is importan to the LRGV and in fact all of Texas and many other states.


This is a must listen to for every border politico and  anyone who cares about our future.

Friday, January 27, 2017


Since my security system accidently locked me out of the house, and I was between the front door and gated area which basically locked me in, and it took an hour of sitting against the door before I could get help, Buster has insisted on sleeping with me even while I watch TV in bed.  So what does she know?  It has been two years since she has wanted to be in my bed.  And she always jumped off when I turned on the CPAP.  Not anymore.  She wants to be next to me all of the time.

Thursday, January 26, 2017


"Simply put, any policy proposal which drives up costs of Corona, tequila, or margaritas is a big-time bad idea. Mucho Sad. (2) 3:41 PM - 26 Jan 2017"

Here is the deal, if the Democrats hold on Mexico all it will take is 3 Republican Senators to oppose Trump on Mexico, and Trump fails.  Lindsey Graham makes one.  Texas and Arizona have 4 more.  Last night I spproved a link to an article showing Texas Republicans are staring to balk on Trump and Mexico.

There are also the Republican Senators in states dependent on car parts made in Mexico for the plants in their states.  Does Trump even understand how government works?

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


The reality is most of the Executive Orders which are not appointments are really props for Trump's lemministic followers. His order yesterday on the Dakota and Keystone pipe lines do nothing except get poorly educated lemministic followers excited. They are to be renegotiated. All material must be made in the US.

Today he is expected to order the building of the new wall along the Mexican border. How? He has no money. The government has to pay for it. With what money? Congress has not authorized any money. He is threatening to use U.S. aide to Mexico and redirect it for the wall. He is threatening to use other already designated funds and redirect them for the wall. Good luck with that one. Until Congress authorizes funding for a wall there will be no wall. Again Trump lemministic followers falling for Hollywood props as action instead of waiting for real and meaningful action.

The BV has already discussed the wall issue and its impact on Texas and the economy.

The pipelines do nothing for the US in terms of foreign need for oil.  The oil is Canadian and to be refined in Texas for export.

Our oil refineries are at maximum capacity.  Where is this oil to be refined once it gets to Texas.  The dead zone in the Gulf is the size of Connecticut.  Are we to build more polluting refineries.  Good luck getting any seafood out of the Gulf on SPI.  It does not exist.  We either killed it with pollution or over fished it.  Check you menus and learn you have to ask for Gulf shrimp because the restaurants are now using imported shrimp.  You can get gulf shrimp, but it will be a separate menu item or you have to ask for it.

Now what about all of that new Texas oil about to need refining and for domestic use.

"Geologists say a new survey shows an oilfield in west Texas dwarfs others found so far in the United States, according to the US Geological Survey.
The Midland Basin of the Wolfcamp Shale area in the Permian Basin is now estimated to have 20 billion barrels of oil and 1.6 billion barrels of natural gas, according to a new assessment by the USGS."
Click for report which shows Texas Refineries at Capacity

In 2015 oil tankers backed up in the Gulf waiting on storage space before heading to the refineries at maximum capacity.


When these pipelines come on line, Texas will have to build more storage facilities and refineries thereby absorbing the brunt of the pollution ramifications for Canada.  With storage facilities and refineries at maximum capacity and Trump poised to add Canadian oil to the glut, where will we refine all of this new Texas oil?

The Texas Republican delegation needs to put Trump in his place and put Texas and the U.S. ahead of Canada.  This is no longer about the pipelines it is about our ability to reach oil independence and our environment.  We are getting close to being an exporter of oil, but not if we cannot refine it because our refineries are at maximum capacity refining Canadian oil for export.

Monday, January 23, 2017


Just moments ago President Trump announced his intent to hit Mexican imports which are based on US jobs which transferred to Mexico with a huge tariff.  All border counties make millions in bridge fees based on trade with Mexico. Unemployed Mexicans cannot buy US made imports to Mexico.  The Texas Republican Party and Congressional Delegation need to educate Trump on the special relationship between Mexico and the border states.  Mexican made car parts make it cheaper to do the final assembly in the US.  Trump's proposed policies on Mexico are a disaster in waiting.  So what say you Cameron county Republicans?  Is former Republican Cameron County Judge Tony Garza just wrong, or is Trump wrong?


First two side notes.  Trustees, pay closw attention to Cummings.  It is about a land grab for personal gain.  It is not about the best interests of the students or the community.  You are warned.  Jessica, that last story was started with Mike Hernandez's money.  Apparently Carlos Marin is not affording you protection.  I have documented proof of what I say.


This story is short.

Mike made is clear he backs Zendejas 100%.  A majority of the Board is ready to send her packing. But instead those with the evidence are using it to swing the votes.  . This is where the power is.  A silent, but effective new majority which exists only in the shadows.

Zendejas knew she was going to lose the level 3 grievance so she tried to use taxpayer money to have an attorney write an opinion and recommendation which backed her.  The Board said no.  She lost the grievance.

Another big loss was the Board refusing to vote to close Cummings.  I am telling you there is a land grab in the works.  This was a political decision and not made in the best interest of the children or the community.  The Board needs to protect Cummings to send a message the back door land deals such as at City Hall will not fly at BISD.  The BISD Board while not perfect has some very well educated Trustees, unlike the twits on the City Commission who cannot even read the packets they are given before voting, or even know what they are voting on.

Friday, January 20, 2017


Click for Episode  You do not need to sign into anything.

For everyone despairing over the next 2 hours and change in Administration, remember this, the new president of Gambia was sworn in in exile because of a lack of peaceful transition history. No matter what you think of Trump, our country wins every time we peacefully change presidents.


From Blackish remember these words from the daughter.

" One where Zoey [daughter] (Yara Shahidi) tells a despairing Bow [mother] (Tracee Ellis Ross) that "our values don't disappear just because our side lost one election. And in the next one, me and my friends will be voting. We're gonna pick up right where you left off." 

We still have our right to protest although politicos and aspiring con artists are doing everything to end that right.  A march is scheduled in Austin today.  No one is giving up their values.

The piece I posted from Ambassador Garza is very instructive about what Republican elected officials in border states face while dealing with Trump.  They must decide to either protect Texas and Mexico or vote against Texas's best interests.

This will be no walk in the park for Trump.  Stick to your values and get ready for the mid-term elections in 2 years.

If Trump is so bad we will come out stronger in 4 years.  Maybe this is the shake up we need to decide who we are as a nation.

And you know what, maybe in someways things will be better.  Trump is promising to go after the cost of medications.  This has been the source of the high expense of Medicare Part D.  He is promising infrastructure repair nationally.  This will not be bad.

On Mexico he has more than enough Republican Senators on border states who can stop him if his policies will hurt there states.  The border states need good relations with Mexico. Politics is complex.

JUST REMEMBER  "our values don't disappear just because our side lost one election. And in the next one, me and my friends will be voting. We're gonna pick up right where you left off."


I have been fighting this archaeic form education for nearly 30 years. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017



As the BV reported Judge Gloria Rincones discussed the case with Ralph Tipton before the election.  Resusal was her only option.  The online docket sheet does not show a recusal, just the assignment of Judge Banales.

Judge Banales at the request of Tony Yzaguirre moved that case to Corpus.  We might see the same in the Marisa Hernandez case once he hears Ernesto Gamez's Motion for Sanctions against the DA's office which will be mid-February.



Jessica Plays victims and lies:

Recently, my husband and I have been a target of an individual who has stalked, threatened, slandered, and continues to spread false information about our family and business dealings. Our family continues to seek the action of law enforcement and a protective order in fear of the safety of our children and ourselves. We ask for prayers of strength and protection at this this time."

Tuesday is when I learned where she lives so how she gets to stalking is beyond me.  I learned the address from the above child support order on Art, her husband.

It has been over a year since I have been to her business, and that was by invitation.  When I refuse to post her address or the deed documents which prove my claims, how am I endangering her.  She loves to use her children as a weapon for sympathy.  That is pathetic.

Hire a good lawyer darling, defamation law does not require you use my name.  That house has no homestead on it.  With me it will not be just another unpaid judgment.  We are going to rid Brownville of all elected officials who are less then honorable.


Art Kalifa FAKE news if I've ever seen it. Like · Reply · 14 hrs. Mchale copied my story and Art posted the fake news comment..

I chose to not post supporting documents because they involve innocent 3rd parties.  This one says enough.  Jessica's grandmother is not part of the story and I will not post public documents which prove my claims.   She seems to have done a nice thing for her granddaughter and Art wants to force the issue not caring how it might hurt the grandmother.  Anyone can go to the second floor of the Administration building and see the originals on all documents.  The county clerks are very helpful and will take you step by step.  But I refuse to even name the grandmother.  Man up Art.

I am done for the day.  My computer is a mess again with the search.conduit problem.  They do not even know what to call it.  Some call it a PUP others call it a crab.  They say it attaches through Bing.  I have tried removing Bing and cannot.  No program removes the search conduit.  It is so bad it will not allow my Norton or Norton eraser to work.


Oh yes, no closer to getting my doors than a year ago.  TDI rejected them.  McCoy's corporate is defending themselves.  TDI refuses to pick up the phone and call the main manufacturer to verify McCoys is authorized to sell the doors.  They want me to get Masonite to file all of the proper paperwork they say does not exist.

Also the inspector who rejected the second set of doors who lives on the coast in Corpus asked if the doors were still available at the other company because he wanted them for his house.  Hold it, if he lives closer to the shore then me, how are the doors acceptable to TDI for him and not for me.

The State needs to overhaul TDI.  It should not be this hard.

The problem I am having is I refuse to pay a private engineer to approve the doors.  TDI does not check their work.  They will approve anything.  TDI does the inspection for free, so they demand complete compliance.  The private engineers will approve doors without the mandatory Windstorm Certification sticker on the door.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Nick works part time doing tats.  He has done all three of mine.  I want a fourth but I do not know what I want or where I want it.  Anyway, he is doing the same tatoo on his wife and two sister in laws in honor of my sister's late husband.  Nick is a great husband and father.  He has also put a lot and I mean a lot of ink on my family.  No discount.  This is in part how he supports his family so we all pay full price.  

NY is very strict about tatoos.  They are subject to inspection at any time.  All needle packets have serial numbers.  I know with me if he stops to change colors or needles or for just about any other reason he changes gloves.  The place is like a surgery room.  Spotless.  There is zero chance of any cross contamination.

Well this week I cancelled  a trip to Dallas for a wedding.  For now flying is out of the question until we learn what is happening.  Yesterday was scary.  I walked out of Stripes without paying for the coffee.  They know me so they just ran after me with no big deal.  Then I could not understand how to start the car.  

The VA is adament - I am to call an ambulance to go to VB.  Will not happen.  I am under Vets Choice when it comes to doctors and have been told Congress never intended it to be a program where vets can choose doctors or where they get their care.  Just another congressional con job to make it appear they are working for vets.


I do not know if he just refuses the advice of counsel, or just has idiots for lawyers.  I still cannot get through to the TEC for verification OP10/33 is in fact a PAC or not.  

I want to be clear, on line searches with State and county agencies are not reliable.  There is a lot of information which does exist which you will not find during an online search.  Yesterday while searching county records at the Administration building, I found a lot more on Mike and LLC's that I could not find with the SOS.

He did register V3 as a non-profit with the Secretary of State and seek 501c3 protection from the IRS.  
From the IRS on 501c3 and political activity.

"Under the Internal Revenue Code, all section 501(c)(3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office. Contributions to political campaign funds or public statements of position (verbal or written) made on behalf of the organization in favor of or in opposition to any candidate for public office clearly violate the prohibition against political campaign activity.  Violating this prohibition may result in denial or revocation of tax-exempt status and the imposition of certain excise taxes. 


"On the other hand, voter education or registration activities with evidence of bias that (a) would favor one candidate over another; (b) oppose a candidate in some manner; or (c) have the effect of favoring a candidate or group of candidates, will constitute prohibited participation or intervention."

Mike Hernandez wrote and posted the following on the 501c3 web page for V3.

A letter from Mike Hernandez.

My name is Mike Hernandez and I am supporting Raul Villanueva and Ed Rivera for Port Commissioners.

I was born and raised in Brownsville until midway through high school at which point my family relocated to the Dallas-Fort Worth area due to my father’s employment. My family history and presence in Cameron County dates back to the early 1800’s and the majority of my family still live in the Valley. I am now semi-retired and chose Cameron County for my philanthropic efforts given the fact that it has the lowest per capita income in the country and because I have always considered it my hometown.
I feel that it is appropriate and legitimate to ask why I would become involved in the Port elections. My reasons in a nutshell are as follows:
1) Brownsville is ranked last in the nation in per capita income and has been ranked there for some time.
While I understand the challenges of being a border town to Mexico, the combination of being on the border but also on the coast puts Brownsville in a uniquely favorable position above all other border towns from here to San Diego.
We now have a tremendous opportunity before us to transform our economy and increase the quality of life our residents. And I want to help make that happen because it’s the right thing to do. Our community deserves it.
2) While the Port of Brownsville has a history of corruption, it is not my belief that any of the current board members are engaging in corruption in any form.
This particular election is not about corruption. It is about an overall lack of vision for how to create good paying, long-term jobs for the people who need them, and making the Port work for the community, instead of the other way around.
The bottom line is that, under normal circumstances, ports are an asset to a community in two ways…tax generation and job creation. In successful communities, ports normally generate their own operating revenue from the businesses there without needing outside subsidies. Unfortunately in Brownsville, the people must pay taxes to support the Port, which is the opposite of how it should work. So not only should we not have to pay taxes to the Port, but the Port should instead be contributing to the tax base of our community.
Doing so would not only allow us to better meet our community’s basic needs (e.g., streets, drainage, traffic, parks, trails etc.), but would also reduce our tax burden.
3) Personally, my businesses are in the metropolitan areas of Texas and are related primarily to finance and the automobile business, not shipping or warehousing. Any suggestions that I have some current or future opportunities to benefit from the Port of Brownsville is just political maneuvering and inaccurate.
The most important thing to me is that the Port becomes the job creation asset and the tax revenue contributor for our community that it is supposed to be.
While I am respectful of the efforts and commitment that the current board members have made over the last 8 years, it’s obvious that it’s time for a new vision to finally make the Port of Brownsville the engine for creating good paying jobs and contributing to the City as we deserve.
It is my conclusion that Raul and Ed clearly understand that, and have the correct vision and plan to make that finally happen.
But having said that, Raul and Ed are professional and independent thinkers. They are not beholden to me or anyone else, and do not have, or are related to anyone who has, any private business interests at the Port; which in my view would be a direct conflict and should not be allowed of any commissioner.
I firmly believe that their interest is to make our community better, and that they have the capacity and ability to make that happen.
I have invested in their campaigns because I believe that their leadership will give our community an important competitive advantage for growing our economy and creating more and better paying jobs. I believe that it’s every citizen’s responsibility to get involved to make sure that we have the right leaders to move our community forward.


Mike Hernandez"
The complaint to the IRS to pull the 501c3 status will expose them to taxes, and to the SOS to pull the filing as a non-profit is going off in the mail.
Because of the unrealiability of the state filing systems and how you search for information is not reliable, the BV cannot say something does not exist, but the BV once it prints it out from the state or county can say it exists.



Sources if you have documented proof it has been used for political ends I need the documents. On line research shows it to be run by Mike Hernandez and Jorge Sanchez.


 Ankjear Jensen is the Treasurer for BEDC. So Mike how is it I know the two of of you met.  Some people cannot keep their mouths shut.  Mr. Jensen in part is in the welding buisiness.  Mike has indicated he wants to train more welders.  But this meeting was not about welding.

Now I will be honest, I cannot vouch for the source.  But Mike will know if it is true once he reads this  he will know people he thinks he can trust are running their mouths.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I cannot do the full story today because I had a rough night with left face palsy, and being unable to hold up my head.  This morning my roommate had  to come get me because I could not figure out how to use the keys to the car.  i am waiting on the VA to approve Dr. Renaissance.  I refuse to go to Valley Baptist.


Mike is using his business entities to run OP10.33 which exposes all of them to liability for his acts and that of OP10.33.  MAH Properties IV LLC bought the old Kawasaki building for OP10.33.  Does he intent to pay for it himself or use the money he raises on his web page to pay himself rent?

The square footage according to Cameron county is way to small for a real work force training center.  There is enough space for a few offices, and a few classrooms for GED and computer training.  But there is no space for robotics training.  BISD already has a GED program so he is basically saying BISD has failed in offering GED's to the community.


This morning in an email the SOS verified what my paid for on line search revealed, OP10.33 is not registered with the SOS's office.  The Texas Ethics Commission on line has no record of OP 10/33 PAC.  I did call but twice AND was disconnect after being on hold for a very long time.  I do not want to call this part of the story until the TEC verifies for me they are not registered with the State.

I did go by the county elections office, and they are not registered there.

I do not want to give up part of the story, but I have what I need printed.  In addition to the TEC I need to verify the existence of the PAC with two other entities.  If everyone says they do not exist, the TEC will open an investigation.


I was specifically told an operative of Carlos Marin took a list of those who registered with V3.  I was told it was done without permission of V3.  If you are willing to pay for a disc of registered voters the information is available.  But it is not available by theft from an organization authorized to engage in voter registration.  To the best of my knowledge this was one of the reasons for the split within OP10.33 when Mike Hernandez refused to correct the abuse and backed the alleged abuser.

i will sign an affidavit as to what I was told, and ask the Cameron County Elections Office to seek advice on how to proceed and with the SOS.  If what I was told is true a crime was committed and it needs to be investigate.

The rest tomorrow,  I am off to bed. Mike is either not listening to his lawyers or he has the worst lawyers in the US.  The mistakes are mind numbing.


I have ignored the requests on this question because we need to focus on Debbie Portillo, John Villarrael and Rose Gowen who are up for reelection.  Jessica has another two years before her next campaign begins.

Well this has been a question for me for some time because there is no record of Jessica or Art owning land in Cameron county or a house.  On Halloween night she was at her mother's house passing out candy.


Some of this is based on verified county records, and some is based on my experience in real estate law.  The picture is of Art and Jessica partying it up in Vega just a few weeks ago, while Art refuses to pay on outstanding judgments.

In fact in August Art mediated with the AG's office to settle $2,387.70 child support arrears from his previous marriage.  The record shows the child support was set at $450.00 a month after another battle concerning payment of his child support. His child support has not been reset since 2010.  This is unheard of.  But the Brownsville office of the AG is a nightmare and not known for doing their job.  His support should be $14.75 % of his basic monthly take home.  It would normally be 20%, but he gets a reduction for the three children he has with Jessica.  

Now when you consider how she flaunts everything Art buys her, the cost of the Tesla, and other cars, and remodeling of the house, any experienced child support lawyer will tell you the number is way too low.


Well Art has a joint judgment of over $12 million dollars to one company, and $385 to the state.  It would be unheard of for a mortgage company to agree to a loan under these conditions, even though they would remain the first lien holder.  The issue is the legal fees which go into foreclosure if that becomes a problem.

According to the Child support agreed order I was able to verify the address where she lives.  I will not disclose the address for security reasons.  You will not find it with the online Cameron County Appraisal Distrist search because although there may be easily 50 or more houses on the street, the street basically does not exist in the system.

Once I had an address I went to the tax office.  They printed out the taxes on the house.  They are current.  There are no exemptions on the house, such as senior citizen.  This is key.  The tax bill is sent to her grandmother at Jessica's mother's house down the block.  The house remains in the grandmother's name.  There is no homestead on the house or senior discount for taxes.

This is where my legal knowledge comes into play. People with judgment's liens etc cannot generally get a mortgage.  Oh I am certain there are some mortgage companies out their which charge very high interest rates for such people.

What is commonly done is, such a person will buy a home as owner financed.  I have personally seen where nothing is recorded until the home is paid for.  There is nothing more than a written contract between the parties.  The county has no record of such a contract, so if it exists it is not filed with the county, or has not been posted.

Another option is the grandmother is just allowing them to rent the house while also remodelling it. Without seeing the written agreement there is no way of knowing the arraignment.

But for sure the county records show the house where Jessica and Art Kalifa live is owned by Jessica's grandmother with no exemption for seniors or homestead on the house.  If there is a contract for purchase by Art and Jessica then the house can be foreclosed on with the first amount going to payoff the grandmother and the rest to pay down the $12 million judgment.


Jessica loves to flaunt her phony new money.  She has no class on this issue.  People with old money do not conduct themselves in this way.

Art gets behind on his child support while paying way too little, while he buys her things she does not need.  She clearly believes the personal possessions she loves to show off are more important than Art supporting his daughter from his first marriage.

Jessica and Art Kalifa are many things, but they are not persons of means - the judgments especially on child support prove that.

Monday, January 16, 2017


It is an indictment on BISD and Brownsville that BISD continues to boycott Dr. King's Birthday as a holiday. No excuses will be posted. School districts all over Texas and the country make it happen so there is no excuse for BISD's boycott of the holiday.


Off to a meeting, when I get back I will post.  I had a rough day and night from yesterday.  I fell in the pool and could not get out because of the cerebellum atrophy, we are assuming.  I am so glad it happened in the three foot end where I could hold on to the stairs until I had my balance. I fell back in twice when I tried to stand up. 

It was a rough night.  I am waiting on the doctor.  Valley Baptist does not have a qualified brain neurologist so it would have done me no good to go there.  The VA has put me in for emergency care for outside the area to determine what is happening.  But I am fine, other than a rough night of being unable to walk around at times.  I seemed to have recovered for a while and then around 7 pm last night it was back.

It seems several of us forgot today is a county holiday, so the meeting did not occur.


When you do a state, county, or city search you can confirm information.  But you cannot rule out that someone has in fact filed something with the state, county or city until you call and they do the search.  This is an important qualifier to this information.

On the OP1033 web page it says OP10/33 PAC.  An online search of the state shows no such PAC exists.  But again, I can only confirm this tomorrow when I call and ask that they do the search.  I will also check with the county and city.

I would be shocked if he has registered as a non-profit, because his political activity would be a violation of the rules.  At the Texas Ethics Commission and SOS online web searches I can find no information for an OP1033.

Whois shows the web page is owned by D & M Leasing. If this is all that exists, then a legal argument can be made D & M Leasing is doing business as OP1033.  His partners in business will not be happy.  Also he will have control when my lawsuit is forward to D & M's insurance carrier.  I will be dealing with them and not Mike, and this will drive Mike crazy that he is powerless.

Again until tomorrow, I cannot confirm my findings.  Once the various agencies verify verbally they cannot find the information either I can say according to the state, county or city no such information exists.

I will note while claiming to be a PAC he is also asking for donations.  If he is not a PAC, there will be a formal investigation with potential sanctions.  I have every page of the Web Page printed so he can change it all he wants.

Tomorrow, going nuclear on Mike Hernandez.  I have not reported on these claims because I believe the source may just be trying to get money.  But every story has an ounce of truth.  Because it goes to his inner circle the BV will make clear there is no proof of the accusations, but that the accusations show his inner circle is collapsing.  That is the story.


Bad news - until tomorrow I cannot get permission to go to Dr. Renaissance.  They want me to go to Valley Baptist.  I will not.  I have one on one experience with the on call neurologist and refuse to allow him to go near me.  If I start to fall again or cannot stand up without wobbling, I have two people to drive me to Dr. Renaissance and will wait all night if I have to until the VA gives clearance. Since October the VA has been lying to me about getting me an appointment with an outside specialist.

Dr. Zaren the Chief Medical Officer in Harlingen said to me that given the level of incompetence of most of their specialists she is not even sure why the VA hires specialists to work in house.  They know they have a problem and continue to turn a blind eye to the poor quality of care.  I do not understand why the primary care doctors seem to be very good, but it is so hard to hire specialists.  I know of only two I would trust with my health.

UPDATE:  My head is killing me


Saturday, January 14, 2017


The BV is not McHale, I can keep Mike paying his incompetent lawyer for 10 years to get nowhere, while I continue to tell the truth about his con artist fraudulent ways.  He will not get a gag order, because his scheme is to shut down all commentary on his organization and that is so close to absolute protection under freedom of speech, not even a bought and paid for judge would be so dumb as to go down that path.

In his lawsuit he admits it is all tied to OP10.33.  He resides at 8425 Breakers Blvd, SPI.  This makes venue mandatory in Cameron County.  Then there is the new 12b6 type Motion To Dismiss, and Slapp Motion.  His attorney might want to hire someone who can read and read Byron D. NEELY, Individually and Byron D. Neely, M.D., P.A., Petitioners, v. Nanci WILSON, CBS Stations Group of Texas, L.P., d/b/a KEYE–TV, and Viacom, Inc., Respondents.

No. 11–0228.

    Decided: June 28, 2013

D & M Leasing will be sued in Cameron county because according to whois, it owns the web page for OP10.33.  Mike asks for donations, while claiming he will fund the programs.  My research is incomplete because the state filings cannot be trusted, but I can find no evidence OP10.33 was registered as a non profit to collect funds.  This will mean he has no legal duty to to keep an accounting.of the money donated to OP10.33.  Only discovery on Mike will answer this question.

I figure after about $250,000, in attorneys fees, Mike will threaten Frank Hill and all of this will come to an end.

By the way no where in his lawsuit does he quote me once for anything.  This is proof his lawsuit is to shut down all reporting on OP10.33.  It is about to increase a million fold, and not in a way he will like.

Friday, January 13, 2017


Now to be fair, the wealthy are also about to get hit with a tax increase, but they can better absorb it than the middle class, and the poor.

How this tax increase will work changes from state to state.

The Affordable Care Act, allowed community hospitals funded with tax dollars to bill the insurance companies of people who accessed ACA.  These publicly funded hospitals now had a source of income other than the taxpayers.

In NY for example, county community hospitals are funded by imposing a tax on your health insurance.  If you employer provided health insurance or you bought it yourself before ACA you were taxed to raise money to pay for the community hospitals which provided the poor with free healthcare and were part of the medical schools.

Hidalgo county has twice voted down such a hospital because in Texas you property is taxed to fund the hospitals.  In big cities like El Paso, FTW, Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and others I am sure the property owners pay a property tax to fund the hospitals used for indigent healthcare and the medical schools.

From the last election.

"With 83 percent of precincts reporting, 72 percent of voters had cast ballots against the Healthcare District, according to preliminary results published by the Hidalgo County Elections Department at 9:49 p.m."

Click for Valley Central

So depending on the State you live in most of the middle class is going to be hit with a tax increase once ACA is repealed.  Oh ACA has problems, but not the original plan, just the plan which was passed as part of the Republican compromise.  ACA is not raising your rates, it is the insurance companies.  Medicare spends 3% of its revenue to run it program.  The insurance companies spend a lot more to run the company.  The one payer system was the only way to hold down rates, but the insurance companies and Republicans opposed it.

Without insurance to bill once the ACA is repealed the community hospitals will have to make up the short fall by raising taxes.  So congrats to all of you Republicans - you voted to raise taxes on yourself while funding free healthcare for people who will be without insurance.  How generous of you.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Background on the show.  The primary lead actress plays a doctor, and the primary lead actor works in a high profile position at a magazine.  This black family has money.  If you want to know the tone of the show one scene last night had the grandfather trying to help his grandson to understand black history and the "I Have a Dream Speech."  When the grandson indicated he got it, he needed to get mad, the grand father said. "No you need to be yourself and just love people" paraphrase.  He said he was an angry black man and it was time for his grandson to move on beyond being an angry black man.  This is the show, week after week.  


And before I hear it, it was not about Trump bashing.

From the white female employee who voted for Trump.

"Daphne, a Black woman, addresses Lucy — “resident white woman” — directly, demanding to know how 53% of white woman managed to vote for a man whom she calls a “p---y grabber.” Questions that need answers.

Before Lucy can respond, Leslie offers his take: American white women are “as fickle as a pinot noir.” Sexist white dudes who think they’re progressive just because they didn’t vote for Trump have been in rare form since even before the election results came in.

Lucy initially chooses silence in response to Daphne’s inquiry. This familiar passive aggressive move buys into the silent Trump voter narrative, especially when Lucy reveals that she did, in fact, vote for him. But don’t worry, she can’t be racist because she had black friends. "


Lucy also went on to say she wants a female president, but not Hillary.  This was a common response by women all over the country.  In fact many women went on to say they thought their daughters deserved better than Hillary.  

In this episode everyone got their fair say. But Dre, the male lead did a monologue which really summed it up.  We need to face the election results and move on while working for a better tomorrow.

". Dre is silent until Leslie "why do you not care about what's happening to our country?"

"You think I'm not sad that Hillary didn't win?" he says. "That I'm not terrified about what Trump's about to do? I'm used to things not going my way. I'm sorry that you're not and it's blowing your mind, so excuse me if I get a little offended because I didn't see all of this outrage when everything was happening to all of my people since we were stuffed on boats in chains. I love this country. As much if not more than you do. And don't you ever forget that."

Then back to their home and their daughter tells the mother who is a doctor that she is wrong about their values dying,

 One where Zoey [daughter] (Yara Shahidi) tells a despairing Bow [mother] (Tracee Ellis Ross) that "our values don't disappear just because our side lost one election. And in the next one, me and my friends will be voting. We're gonna pick up right where you left off." 

I am bored to death with all of the post election coverage.  It is done.  On January 20th Donald Trump will be our president.  He will fail or succeed.  In two years based on his performance we will have mid-term elections wherein we can flip the Senate and House and make Donald Trump a lame duck president if need be, but maybe not.

Politics is complex.  Many of his cabinet nominees have already made clear they are not in agreement with Donald Trump on some big issues.

Obamacare is being dismantled at the federal trial court level since the election because the federal trial judges all want court of appeal appointments, and know US Attorney Sessions will not pursue the appeal.  Our ignorance of how our system works is destroying us.  It is time to get educated.


If you are simply going to back someone because you know them, please don't vote.  You are not qualified.  Not one candidate who has announced so far, has identified one problem or one solution for Brownsville.  You know why?  Because far too many people vote based on knowing people instead of demanding answers.


Next Wednesday it will be available without having to sign in through your carrier.  I tried but Spectrum would not let me in.  But you can try by clicking here.  It is the Lemons Episode.  I will try and repost next Wednesday when you will be able to stream it without having to log in.

This episode will win the Emmy for the best series episode.  All sides got a voice, while in the end dismissing the gloom it is over with mentality.  We will move on, and another election will either affirm Trump's success, or stop his failures.  We live in a Democracy, and all the doomsayers need to learn to accept the democratic process.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

 The Honorable Tony Garza speaks to the changes in 2017, and tribal politics. I found his discussion on Latin American and the power of the voice of the people interesting. It is a good read. Take the time to get informed and then watch how 2017 plays out.


Not sure where to begin.  This speech should be shown as a lesson in every high school and college political science class.  It was a lecture on how government works.  It is replete with historical references which put the function of government and the people in perspective.

I loved when he said tie up your shoes and start getting signatures to get on the ballot.

One thing on my mind is the inauguration.  The Democrats and phony liberals in Washington seem hell bent on turning the American people away from the Democratic Party.  Oh, I will never go Republican, what we need is a new political party.

Inauguration day is not about Trump, it is about one of the most significant moments in our history - our ability to peacefully transfer power from one president to the next.  Shame on Hollywood for refusing to participate.  Their conduct is unpatriotic and shameful.


President Obama made a reference to good people not running for public office because of the negative attacks which come with the run for public office.  I agree with the president, with an important qualifier.

We the people can legitimately challenge people who are running for office without lies and mindless insults.  It is the lies and mindless insults which keep good people from exposing themselves and family from the rigors of running for public office,


It was the intent [not sure I am still interested] for the BV to discuss the failures by specificity and not broad conclusory statements, the failures of our current city commission and specifically Rose Gowen, Debbie Portillo, and John Villarreal.

But I am looking at the candidates so far and see nothing which will lead to change.  Ben Neece's web page reads like the silly say and do nothing commercials Mike Hernandez is running as part of OP10.33.

Not a word on policy changes.  We are paying far too much for water, and no one has a word on water policy.  During his first campaign I challenged Tony Martinez on this issue and he said he would promote conservation.  He never did.  It is easier to just keep on raising the rate the people must pay.  That is not a water policy.

So I have identified a problem.  So what is the solution.  There is state and federal money to pay for the weir dam to back up enough water to service Space X and some of Brownsville, without impacting the downtown area.  Space X needs the water.  Where are we going to get it?  Smart minds use Space X as a reason to get the state and federal funding for the weir dam.

When it becomes possible for Mexico to do its part in Matarmoros, the dam will be there and we hold back enough water to make both Brownsville and Matamoros downtowns beautiful downtown waterfront cities.

Changing who sits on the city commission for the sake of changing who sits on the city commission is stupid.  Right now none of the candidates have put forth a specific problem we face and a solution for the problem.  I refuse to vote for a new face which still has no idea what Brownsville needs.

If you have decided to run and cannot think of one problem and solution to post to your FB or web page, then you should not run.  It means you have not thought about the problems and solutions.  It means you want a position of power, which in my opinion disqualifies you from public service.  If your announcement is about promoting yourself and not specific solutions to specific problems then your announcement is that of a narcissistic fool.

As the President reminded us, it is up to we the people to demand answers.  If we do not demand that the candidates specify the problems which need addressing and the solution, then we will just end up voting for another person who has no vision.  We will have accomplished nothing in replacing Rose Gowen, Debbie Portillo, and John Villarreal.

Monday, January 9, 2017


I am limited in what I can say because I have no permission to disclose what is happening, and there have been no postings on FB.  But I may have to go to NY on an emergency.  Someone very dear to me just lost their second child in 6 months.  If she is ready to go, I really need to see her again.  When my tia Angelita died, she called me the day before asking that I get to NY.  I made reservations for two weeks out, and she passed the next day.  Southwest charge me my first born to change that ticket. I am not sure I want to take that chance again.

She is the essence of faith.  In private discussions with those who know her we all agree no matter how bad things have been for her when you are in her presence she throws off positive energy to make your problems go away.  She knows nothing but unconditional love for all mankind.

With this last passing, we all expected her to go fast.  The reasons are private.  She is one tough cookie and will hold until she believes she has done everything God expects of her.  Her faith is the purest I have ever seen in any person.

I think she is going to prove everyone wrong and make it to 100 or more.  She is close, but she knows through her faith she heals people and just brings joy and comfort to everyone in her presence. She is the most selfless person I have ever met.  So long as she believes she has a purpose and is needed by her family, she will stick around.

From a young child I felt that positive energy she gives everyone in her presence.  She saved me.  I am okay if she passes.  She has done her part a million times over.  But she is one tough cookie, and she may decide she needs a few more years to set everything straight - which is not possible - but not possible is outside her sense of faith.


Be patient I am writing. The motion for sanctions and call for state investigation by Gamez will be posted once the story is complete.

I want to begin with a key part of the police report which Gamez claims Saenz is withholding.

The last sentence of the typed rendition of the report says pedestrian at fault.  According to Gamez the police report provided to him in discovery does not include this part of the report.  This is important for two reasons.  It is not disputed the police altered the original video tape of the accident by deleting that portion where the alleged defendant's son is searching the area of the accident for a possible victim.

On the latter Judge De Coss already ruled the time frame from the accident to the alleged search as a matter of law is not immediately as required by law and thereby not exculpatory evidence.

Gamez is playing a dangerous and desperate game.  In a case of failure to render aid it appears to be his position that if a person commits suicide by walking in front of a moving vehicle the driver has no duty to stop and render aid.  The argument is absurd and is going nowhere with an honest judge.


According to Ralph Tipton, the current judge, Gloria Rincones, discussed the case with him while on the campaign trail.  She must recuse herself immediately.  The sooner the better so a judge can be assigned to this case.


Ernesto Gamez is also requesting a gag order.  The gag order on the parties, which will not include Ralph Tipton, or the press or blogs, should be issued.

Gamez's request for an investigation against Saenz and the leaking of evidence is without merit and should be met with a counter motion for sanctions against Gamez individually.

I will not deny this is a complex area of law.  When you have parallel criminal and civil cases on the same issue, if a definite date can be established for the criminal case, the judge in the civil case can abate the civil case until a definite date.  But if the the criminal case has an open ended date for trial an abatement by the civil judge will be considered an abuse of discretion.  The federal courts have been more willing to issue stays.

Discovery is a different issue.  The concerns with a stay are to not force the defendant to have to incriminate themselves during discovery.  Some discovery can be engaged in during a civil proceeding without running afoul of the defendant's right against self discrimination.


Gamez in one breath in open court complained that Ralph Tipton filed with the criminal court the depositions from the civil case.  He then used the testimony of the criminal defendant's son that they in fact searched for whomever or whatever allegedly Maris Hernandez hit.

There was a time I would have called the level of malpractice by all side surreal, but no longer.  Lawyers just wing it and have no knowledge of the law.  The lawyers who argue the law tend to irritate the judges.

I spoke with Ralph Tipton this morning and with his permission I am posting his response to my question.  All of the evidence which Gamez complains about was given to Ralph Tipton by his lawyers in the civil case which has produced during discovery according to the law.  So Gamez knows there was no nefarious conspiracy by Saenz to leak information as alleged in Gamez's Motion for Sanctions.


The defense lawyers for Marisa Hernandez as hired by the insurance company, and Saenz both should have filed motions to stop all discovery which went to the innocence or alleged guilt of Marisa Hernandez.  They did not.  They could have asked for a gag order on dissemination of all discovery produced pending completion of the the criminal case.  They did not.  Gamez as Hernandez's attorney should have approved all discovery in the civil case and should have forced the issue of trying to block discovery pending the criminal case, or at a minimum its dissemination by any party or attorney in the civil case except as filed with this court..  His own malpractice may be why the evidence was produced during civil court proceedings.  It was not leaked.  I say may because these cases are fact specific.


Art. 31.01. ON COURT'S OWN MOTION. Whenever in any case of felony or misdemeanor punishable by confinement, the judge presiding shall be satisfied that a trial, alike fair and impartial to the accused and to the State, cannot, from any cause, be had in the county in which the case is pending, he may, upon his own motion, after due notice to accused and the State, and after hearing evidence thereon, order a change of venue to any county in the judicial district in which such county is located or in an adjoining district, stating in his order the grounds for such change of venue.