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If we had any journalists left in this country using sensational headlines to draw in a reader would not exist.


This afternoon he attacked the bloggers trashing the Herald for not covering the alleged Ben Neece kidnapping in Togo, while on a business trip for coffee.  I actually have no problem with the Herald holding on the story.  First Sunday is a big purchase day for the Herald, so a Sunday story is better for profits than a Thursday story.  Further, I know enough about this first hand to know the FBI will tell victims to limit what they say because if they say too much they can endanger other victims.  So for now I see nothing wrong with the Herald's silence,

But here is the deal and the con which is the Imp, on the day he published Mike Hernandez's at least implying he pays Montoya and I did not jump on the story because I work and have bills to pay, he wrote the following.

 "As of this fine, cool morning, not one of the supposed pro-Brownsville bloggers has said a word about Hernandez’s playing of Juan Montoya."

So if McHale gets mad at the Herald for not jumping on a story the second he learns about it, McHale does not understand how journalism works. but if I do not immediately jump on cloudy story the second the Imp publishes it, I do not understand journalism.  Which is it Imp?  It cannot be both.  You had to do two updates because you ran with the story before you verified and clarified.  And you still do not have the story.

And for the record Imp you made a big story about Ben Neeces kidnapping.  Only the BV remained silent because unlike you Imp, I know the FBI is working on this problem and does not want to endanger even further people, and Ben to his credit, made note of same.  

And for the record, I am working the story exactly as an investigative journalists works a story.  I have the name of the person passing the money for Mike.  But he has a big mouth and has told several people there is more than one blogger getting paid.  And we know it is not me because I went public denouncing Mike when he offered the money.  Barton and I have had our differences, but you are not going to convince me he can be bought.  Barton will latch onto a candidate no matter the facts, but he will never ever take money.

The BV gets attacked for reporting the good and the bad on the candidates, because the bloggers in this town demand you take sides,   If you do good on Monday I will report it, if you do bad on Tuesday I will report it.  The BV takes no sides.

McHale is being sued by Mike, so McHale is out.  And now who according to McHale Imp you steal tips from waitresses, and sleep on your family's futon, you claim to have money for guest writers.  That story is coming.  And Mike is going to get sued along with D & M leasing for funding defamation as a necessary evil to promoting his con artists self.

Mike is so stupid he is paying for TV ads for OP10.33 during the 10:30 p.m. slot for "Two Broke Girls."  Newsflash Mike, I know a lot of high school drop outs and they have never heard of "Two Broke Girls."  The drop outs are watching alternative TV on tablets.  Hey Mike have you ever heard about targeting your target audience in the right forum?  

Another great example is how the Imp says all of the time he will never print mine or Barton's name again, and within hours but never more than a day he is back at it.


All in one post he said "No more feuds, is what Father Jim told him in church this past Sunday, so that’s our resolution for 2017."  Just above this sentence he writes - "Yeah, we know the courts move at a Blimp’s pace."  The Imp has so little self control he cannot even keep his promise in the post where he made it.  Okay, technically it is not 2017, yet, but when he makes a promise based on what "Father Jim" has told him, the technicality of 2017 does not fly.


He defends his anti-semitism  totally devoid of reality or facts with the following headline?



His argument is because he claims I have never written about the children who have died in Palestine during wars with Israel, I must be anti-children. Only a class A Yellow Journalist could write such a worthless piece of tripe.  No where in his story does he mention how there are now two Palestines

A trivial fact about the war the Imp decided no competent journalist would have included in the story.

"Since Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005, terrorists have fired more than 11,000 rockets into Israel. Over 5 million Israelis are currently living under threat of rocket attacks.

More than half a million Israelis have less than 60 seconds to find shelter after a rocket is launched from Gaza into Israel. Most rockets launched from Gaza into Israel are capable of reaching Israel’s biggest cities, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem."
The imp's writings praising the Nazi's in terms of the Jews is well documented.  He simply ignores the deaths of Israeli children and the endless terror they live under because he is anti-Semitic.  
War is a terrible thing which should never happen.  I squarely put the intensity of the problems with Hamas and the Gaza strip which rule and is one of two Palestines, on Israeli Prime Minister Ben Natanyahu, and Hamas who need to keep Gaza in a state of poverty in order to be able to recruit young man to fight a war they will never win.
Since middle school I have been a strong advocate for a Palestinian State.  My writings are extensive and can be found all over the U,.S.  I participate in several national blogs.  I love that Occupy Democrats delete my posts when I post links to show their stories are false.  Although I will say probably 95% of the posters on a story where I led the discussion agreed it was deplorable for them to mock Chris Christi's weight.

Where in the Imp's writings has he written about the Nazi's killing endless Jewish children, to include slamming their heads up against the curb for trying to escape the Warsaw Ghetto?  I know this because my mentor saw it as an eye witness.

Where has the Imp written about the endless children the US has killed in Iraq based on a made up war and in Syria. The US actually has a number on how many children can be killed in a drone strike as necessary collateral damage.

How many children did the US kill during the bombing of Berlin?  How many children did the U.S, kill when we dropped two atom bombs on Japan?  Where are the Imp's condemnation of these acts against children by the U.S.  Does it mean he is anti-children?  No.  It means he is a yellow journalist with a psychotic wild hair up his ass for me because I sued him for defamation, and interfered in his attempt to set up "Bad Chili" as an online magazine.  As the quest writers got to read his homophobic, anti-Semitic posts the project fell apart because no freelancer writer wanted to have anything to do with him.

I have written about our medics and how hard it is mentally on them when they return from Iraq when they have to think of all the wounded and dead children they had to deal with.  But I did not use the children as a yellow-journalistic weapon to denounce war or someone I have a wild hair up my ass for.  I simply wrote about the mental health problems our medics are having with what they saw first hand.

Nowhere in his classic example of yellow journalism does he mention any of the facts surrounding the Israeli Palestinian conflict.  Well that would require the capacity to do research and care about facts.

When Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu the current Prime Minister of Israel was elected, I  immediately denounced him as a threat to peace between Israel and Palestinian.  I have been clear repeatedly that Netanyahu makes peace with Palestine impossible and is a primary cause for the current conflicts.

This is called getting to the story, something the Imp never learned to do.  If facts mattered to the Imp and he actually cared about these children he would write about how we got to this point. Everyone including the top Palestinian leaders and negotiators thought we were done and peace was at hand when then President Bill Clinton sat down with the negotiators on both sides and went block by block in Jerusalem to decide which would be Israel's and which would be Palestine's.  It was Arafat who walked away from the table a millionaire from foreign aid to leave his people to needlessly suffer and die.

After Arafat died a split occurred with a new group called Hamas challenging Fatah, the original lead political leadership for Arafat and his supporters.  Abbas of Fatah eventually took the leadership.  

If you care about facts, you know Israel influenced the process to get Abbas elected because they saw in him as their best chance at peace.  Over time a de facto civil war broke out between Fatah in West Bank, and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.  These two groups killed 600 of their own including women and children.  But the Imp fails to mention how Palestinians have killed their own  children.

War is always hell, which is why among professional journalist you do not use the cheap and deplorable tactic of using innocent children to settle a score with some who has sued you and outed you as a failed journalist.

The post had nothing to do with children.  It was all about Yellow Journalism and settling a score.


Until Israel removes Netanyahu as its Prime Minister, peace is not an option in Gaza. 

Neither Fatah nor Hamas can claim clean hands when it comes to government corruption and misappropriation of foreign aid,  But Fatah has found a viable peace with Israel and thrives compared to Hamas.  The good news is polling coming out of the Gaza Strip is, if Israel changes course away from Netanyahu, the people of the Gaza Strip want the same peace as the Palestinians in the West Bank have with Israel.

So if you truly care about the children of Palestine, instead of using them as a play toy to defend your anti-semitism, you get to the facts. It is a very, very sad truth no one likes, children die in war.  Showing pictures of dead children will stop nothing.  You must change the players,  The Israelis and the Gaza Palestinians both seem to be gravitating towards such a goal.  Both sides are tired of being played by self serving politicians.  

But I will be the first to say Israel and the Gaza Strip will have no chance at peace so long as Netanyahu has power.  Hamas will move closer to a peace deal if Israel changes to a moderate leader This is how you protect the children of the Gaza Strip and give them hope for the future. The people on both sides are not the problem.  The problem are the self serving politicos who do not care how many innocent people must die to move their agendas forward,

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