Thursday, December 1, 2016


Beyond endless rumor, I have no idea.  If you know the players, you know the 7 are still trying to work out alliances.

Our first insight will come late a week from Friday as the first agenda of the new Board is posted. The meeting dates have been changed to insure that 4 certain members can always be there, although a solid 4 is not for certain. There may or may not be surprises.  It seems still too early for real alliances to form.  There is no clear group of 4 or even three.

Sources claim Laura Perez-Reyez is looking for the alliance which will help her with her ambitions. Newsflash Laura, within months your reputation will be trash and you will have no political future. Selling you vote for ambition is not how you start public office.

I am doing an open records request on Desesperanza's contract.  I am being told the people will be shocked what Joe Rodriguez gave her to do his duty work.  There is a big bruhaha about an attempt to open a false bank account in BISD's name.  It fell apart and is now under investigation.  

Sources claims there is a big crack between Deseperanza Zendejas and Baltazar Salazar that sooner than later will explode.  

It is sad Presas-Garcia is no longer on the Board because she would have the story and it would get out.  I do have the story, but sources close to Desesperanza fear for their jobs. So we wait for the explosion.  The details would expose the source. 


Anonymous said...

good job bobby !
fbi needs a investigation on Baltazar Salazar and the young man cesar lopez.
ps Zendejas

BobbyWC said...

This morning I rejected the post of a well known troll because I would not give up my source. The BV is the longest lasting blog by name. I know how this works. The post will get people at BISD talking, and more people will leak the complete story and it will end up on the internet without me having to even hint at my source.

But then you would have to understand blogging to know how this works.

Bobby WC