Thursday, December 15, 2016


As the BV reported, last year the Harlingen clinic got a 1 out of possible 5 for its quality of care.  This year it was upgraded to a 2.

I am sorry for the number of typing and grammar problems in today's posts.   Where I am at, I get an F in decision making.

What I learned yesterday is I have a small number of hemorrhages in the brain.  I fall all of the time.  I mess up people's names all of the time.  Sometimes I give up speaking because I cannot get out the sentence.  I use a magnify glass to read the computer.  I know I can enlarge the print but it does not help.  When my vision goes, I need the magnify glass.

I drop a lot of things.  My left eye vision is real bad.  The VA says they cannot correct my vision any more than they already have.  The headaches can be totally disabling.  I cannot do toe to heal.  I have verified nystagmus.  The head of the VA Harlingen said to me she needs to see about getting me a written statement by the VA verifying these two things, because during a field sobriety test if you fail both you get arrest for DWU, even if you have note been drinking.  They can simply claim under the influence of something.

The VA has blown me off since February after the first MRI showed for the first time atrophy of the cerebellum.  The chief medical officer after I filed a formal complaint ordered the neurologist in Corpus who works for the VA to see me.  When more than a month went by without anyone calling me I got a very rude and unprofessional assistant to the neurologist who she had no duty to call me for an appointment for 60 days.  I agreed to a new MRI because the doctor considered the February MRI outdated.  This is when they found the small hemorrhaging.  I have done my research on the specific findings which were many, and NIH protocol calls for immediate attention.

Nothing from the VA.  The Chief Medical officer has until tomorrow to get me to a brain neurologist, or I am going with a full blown complaint to Washington and she knows it.  Her orders were ignored. The question is, will she act on her orders being ignored or do what is always done and do nothing, which is why the bad specialist never listen to anyone.

I have no idea where I am headed.  Like I said I get an F when it comes to decision making of this type. My roommate or nephew can drive me to the ER at Doctors. Renaissance which is now part of the approved VA system and has brain neurologist with privileges, or wait.  I hate when my right hand shakes.

I have no idea what I am going to do.   The only thing I know for sure is, when the VA digs in, you have to go nuclear on them.  That energy I no longer have.  I am considering going to the VA ER in Northport on LI the day after Christmas.  They are tied to Stony Brook Medical School.  They are a major research facility.

I did have two more interesting stories today wherein major news services have conflicting stories on how many if any Republican Electors may defect.  One story says as many as 30, another claims a source who has contacted 330 Electors and claims Donald is safe but discloses no number on how many have actually spoken with him.  Journalism in the U.S. sucks.

For the record, the BV will be surprised if 5 Electors break from Trump, so next Monday he will formally become OUR president elect.

The other story was on the Russian hacking matter,  A major news service is quoting someone who claims to have almost always been right about everything stating the Clinton email hack was an inside job and he has met with the person thereby absolving the Russians.  Meanwhile Republican Senator Lyndsey Graham is staying with the Russian story because he now claims the Russians hacked his emails.

With this kind of journalism in the U.S. how are we as a people to make an informed decision.

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