Saturday, December 17, 2016


Ralph Tipton sent out months ago a drop box with tons of information, including depositions of key parties. It was just too much to review with my schedule.  Well Barton who also got the drop box information found the video which shows the moment Mary Tipton was hit, and allegedly killed.

What is most telling about this video is, right at the point of impact there is a small parking lot, so Marisa Hernandez, through her counsel, claims there was no safe place to pull over and render aid is a lie.


The driver who has allegedly been identified as Marisa Hernandez with a smashed windshield just kept on going.  She did not even slow down after impact.  This video if it gets into evidence will turn the stomachs of the jury.


Given such clear evidence that Marisa Hernandez clearly had a safe place to pull over and investigate who she hit, why has Sheriff Lucio not suspended her son as a sheriff's deputy who delayed calling the police for over an  hour.  Why has Brownsville Police Department Chief Rodriguez not suspend the officer who failed to search for the body, or possibly a victim who was still alive?

The FBI clearly has jurisdiction over the obstruction of justice which at this time should include Sheriff Lucio, Chief Rodriguez and their underlings.  It is not at all unusual for the DOJ to indict sheriffs and police chiefs for obstruction of justice and civil rights violations.


Saenz has the proof the DOJ lied to the jury about his office prosecuting Oscar de la Fuente in state court or the State Bar going after him.  The DOJ lawyers made a big deal of this in front of the jury.  Oscar de la Fuente verified he knew the deal he made with the DOJ did not include asking Saenz to not prosecute him in state court, or asking the State Bar  to go easy on him for his endless confessions of bribing former DA Armando Villalobos.

The DOJ knows if they touch Saenz he will go public.  Well since our current head of the FBI James Comey, who has his own problems with an imminent investigation into his bogus email story concerning Hillary Clinton on the eve of the election, is too chicken shit to do his job and US Attorney General Lynch does not want to do her job, the new Attorney General will be asked to put it to Saenz, He resigns or face additional indictments if he releases his evidence after the initial indictments.

The above is being worked on.  The organizers will not agree to meet with a Sessions underling.  The goal is to give him a 10 minute FBI type briefing book with the stories of the victims and evidence of obstruction of justice.

The next couple of weeks will be busy.

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Anonymous said...

How did the driver of the car not see this woman walking along side of the road. Unless, the driver was not paying attention, texting, talking on the phone, or drunk. It appears to be raining somewhat therefore, the driver should have been paying extra she just plain plowed into the poor woman. Hopefully she died without suffering as she was thrown into the ditch.