Thursday, December 1, 2016


To the Imp and Mike Hernandez, if no one reads my blog why do you two so obsess about me.  No one is reading, so why do you care so much about what I write.  Because the truth is every elected official in Brownsville and top business people read every day.  So Mike desperate for relevance goes to a homophobic anti-Semite bully for help, because who else would work with him?

People in the know have yet to put this on youtube, so you must click on the CNN link. Listen to her sister speak to how she stood there helpless as this teen had the gun to her chest.

Today has been very busy with all sorts of doctors with the VA.  After medical and bureaucratic review, I have passed the first hurdle for a special form of lab band surgery to help with hypothalamic dysfunction.  I have no metabolism.  In about 30 days I will meet the surgeon and he/she will have the final say.  But everything else has cleared.

Bullying kills people, and Mike Hernandez has made clear he does not care.  No right mined person associates with a bully and calls them an objective journalist.

From a previous post after Mike Hernandez called the Imp an objective journalist, and the Imp's bully of fat people.

Mikes definition of good journalism - I guess he did not get the post about bullying.  

From the Imp while posting Mike's verifiable lies. " It is his learned opinion that fat people can't write.  They can float."

Mike is a two-bit bully who thinks money and lawsuits will get him what he wants.  It will not.  If Jerry would just stop obsessing over the lawsuit, I am certain his lawyers will get it dismissed with little effort.

Mike needs to deal with his porcelain ego and then come and start again.

The BV will not tolerate these type bullies.  I can assure you Mike is so desperate for anyone to write nice things about him, he will pay for it and sue to stop the negative no matter how much damage it does to his porcelain ego.

The BV does not play.

The firm I work for based on my work had a criminal case dismissed on a Motion to Quash last week. These motions are almost never granted. I can out lawyer anyone Mike hires while in a coma,  With Mike as their client they are at a disadvantage.  He cannot stop hanging himself.  His lawyer needs to tell him to remain quiet or get a new lawyer.

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Try being a woman. That's stressful.