Monday, December 12, 2016


Any moran con artists can write endless tripe on the Internet which is based on extortion of pay or be trashed, but it takes a person with conviction to put everything on the line to fight the battle for Our Brownsville and Our Cameron County.

In 12 years in Brownsville I have heard of no one willing to stand in front of the FBI office and demand the immediate indictment of a host of law enforcement personnel including DA Saenz. Endless victims have inquired about the protest.

If you have not been told already, please bring no more than a one page summary of your story.  Bring at least 10 copies for the press and the Washington officials who are expected to be there.  I do not know if they will interact with the protesters, but it would be a bad move to not even ask the people why they are so mad.

The protest is December 16 from 10-2.  Telemundo and Univision have both been actively involved in helping raise awareness and getting victims to the protect.  Washington is sending DOJ and FBI personnel to monitor the protest, and hopefully investigate what brought one man to take a stand and say enough is enough.  Ralph does not stand alone.  Victims are committing to be at the protest.

Carlos Masso for all of his phony anti-Saenz rhetoric has refused to help or even provide information related to the people who ran the anit-Saenz ads.  Does Saenz have him blackmailed, or is he now bought and paid for?.

This protest will be the single most significant act of defiance held in Brownsville I have ever heard of.  I understand people have to work, but even 30 minutes during your lunch hour is not a lot to ask.
The FBI office if located right off Coffee Port on the opposite side of Paredes Line rd from the HEB.

I will not deny Ralph can be ruff around the edges.  He has made some mistakes in some of his conclusions.  But the mistakes were mostly from not knowing how the system works.


Sheriff Omar Lucio has refused to take any action against the deputy who ran cover for his mother and failed to immediately call the police upon learning his mother hit someone, and in this case we now know it was Mary Tipton and she was killed.  Both Sheriff Lucio and the deputy need to be removed from law enforcement.

BPD Chief Rodriguez has refused to take action against the police officer who initially responded and refused to search the area for a body.  He has refused to take action against Detective Clipper who had control over the video of the accident and improper search by the sheriff deputy which was altered.  Chief Rodriguez, the original officer and Detective Clipper all need to be removed from law enforcement.

DA Saenz intentionally used a defective Indictment which could have been dismissed after the jury was sworn, thereby allowing for double jeopardy and Marisa Hernandez to walk on a defective indictment.  A slip of the tongue by Gamez and a warning from Judge De Cosss forced DA Saenz to amended the indictment.  The new Indictment has the wrong name of the victim which will create a valid appellate issue.  Saenz knows this and refuses to name Mary Tipton as the victim.  Saenz needs to be indicted along with all FBI agents protecting him over the blackmail related to Oscar de la Fuente.  Washington needs to put it to Saenz to resign or face indictment to include the issue related to Oscar de la Fuente.

Ralph Tipton while ruff around the edges, has done more than anyone in my 12 years in Brownsville to face the corrupt officials head on.  We owe him.  We must all be at the protest.

He is walking the walk.  Every elected Democrat not at the protest will be noted as a defender of the Saenz criminal enterprise.  They will be remembered on election day.  Do not even think of running for the Brownsville city commission if you fail to attend the protest.  You either stand to end the corruption, or be labeled as part of the problem.  Your choice.

To date only one public figure has stood with Ralph, and that has been Pat Ahumada.  We are led by a bunch of feckless cowards who have to be removed from office.

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