Sunday, December 4, 2016



"The US Army has decided not to allow an oil pipeline to cross under a reservoir on land it controls in North Dakota in a move praised by protesters."
Protesting works.  I can only hope this interim victory will be a call to arms for the American people.  And before I hear from the trolls, even had Hillary won I believe protesting is in our future.  It has nothing to do with Trump.  80% of the American people were unhappy with the choice of Trump/Clinton.  We are divided as a country and until Congress and the White House can get back to bipartisan politics, we will remain divided.
The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe hailed an "historic decision" and said it was "forever grateful" to President Obama.

For me the indigenous people of our lands taking the lead to protect our lands, is heart warming. But how Americans of all walks of life are joining in including Veterans is amazing.  Has the fuse or protest been relit in the US.  

On the 16th of December we will see the largest citizen protest against corruption in Brownsville and Cameron county in its history.  It will be from 10-2.  I believe I will be allowed to announce the location on the 12th.  The issue is the organizers are convinced if given advance notice one of the state or federal agencies being targeted as corrupt will seek a restraining order.  I explained to them this is fine, it will only make the headline bigger and give them wider press coverage.

What is happening in Standing Rock seems to have sicken the people.  The people are not happy with how our government is handling the situation.  And remember, this is happening under the Obama Administration.  Trump owns an interest in the oil companies which will be using the pipe line and in the company building the pipe line, so I see no hope of a change in policy by the Trump Administration. 

Those of us who lived through the 60's saw the flames of protest spread like a wild fire.  It began with a few small black groups in the 50's and spread to a national crisis in the 60's.  In time our national guard found itself killing a student at Kent State in Ohio,
I do not believe in violence, or support it,  But I hope Standing Rock has lit a fire in this country.  I hope this protest against state and federal law enforcement which will happen in Brownsville on the 16th will get the people involved. 

Protest is our only option.  Suing bloggers because your porcelain ego has been injured is not how we are going to fix Brownsville.

Posting and supporting Brownsville as the Capital of the Third World in the US is not how you help Brownsville, but apparently Mike Hernandez and Ben Neece believe it is.  Ben better decide he is either with Brownsville or against it, because right now his support for trashing Brownsville is not going to get him elected to anything.  

Jerry is free to publish as he pleases, and as the only blogger since day one who has stood with him on this issue, I will defend his right to characterize Brownsville anyway he choose.  But Mike Hernandez and Ben Neece need to be held accountable for aiding in the trashing of Brownsville

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