Thursday, December 15, 2016


The Brownsville office of the FBI where the protest will occur is on Coffee Port near the corner of Paredes line road.  It is on the opposite side of Paredes Line road from the HEB.  Access is easy from Ruben Torres or Coffee Port.

We all have schedules, so I get everyone cannot be there.  But many of you have lunch somewhere between 11-2, so you can take 30 minutes to be there.

I myself have a 30 minute meeting in Harlingen at 10 a.m. so I will not be there until 11 or 11:15, but I will stay until the end unless something happens which requires immediate blogging.

In my known history of Brownsville this type of protest against the Villains and corrupt law enforcement in Brownsville and Cameron county has never happened before.  You cannot keep on complaining and sit home and remain silent.

All we ask is that that you show and be a body among many standing against what is happening.

Washington is watching, if we succeed in this protest things will change.

If you want to use your GPS to guide you, here is the address  2305 Hudson Blvd, Brownsville, TX 78526.

So long as we follow orders by law enforcement, no one will be arrested and nothing bad will happen to anyone.  I can assure you with the number of media sources which have agreed to be there, the FBI and Brownsville Police do not want a scene on camera.  We are protected.  But if you fail to show we are not protected because the corruption will continue.

If you fail to show when it is your family member who cannot get justice from our corrupt law enforcement system, you will only need to look in the mirror to know why?

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