Wednesday, December 28, 2016


We cannot commit to a future unless we are willing to commit to reality.  I pay for a program to monitor my readership.  There is no program anywhere which can possibly follow all of the blogs and social media.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is either trying to sell you snake oil, or lying. 

In 2013, it was estimated there were over 173 million blogs.  Anyone dumb enough to believe any local Brownsville blog ranks around 6000 worldwide is too stupid to be alive. is a product.  If you read their page they base their information on blogs they have access to.  They try and get you to buy their product with a promise they will increase your readership.  There are tricks to this process.  My blog is blocked because I do not want advertising with blogspot. 

The algorithms are complex.  Many blogs are not within the search engines for every post.

But if you believe anyone has a computer which can follow over 173 million blogs and rank them - god are you really stupid.  Enough said.


Maybe  sooner, but for sure on Monday, I am going to start blogging the issues related to the city commission elections.  I am learning a lot from the politicos who care, and the business community.

If you care about reality you know Brownsville is already entering an economic boom.  In three years we are going to see a completely different Brownsville. Things are happening, but not because of our city or county commission.  The outside world sees Brownsville as a money maker. 

So starting one day this week but no later than Monday, the BV will look to the future and all of the wonderful things coming our way.  Brownsville is moving forward and it is essential who find people to run for the city commsision who will be part of the new Brownsville of vision.

But guys, if you are going to continue to read the trash on the blogs for your news, when nothing positive about Brownsville is posted and it is lies and con jobs, then stop complaining because you are the one holding Brownsville back.

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