Monday, December 12, 2016


Earlier in the week they went to the city to see the tree in Rockefeller Center.  This weekend they had their annual Christmas pajama party, with all 9 grandchildren.  With the loss of her husband in July my sister is finding her way through the first Holidays without her partner.  As you can see she is doing fine.  She has three wonderful daughters and son in laws, and 9 grandchildren.  

She does tell me when she is alone in the house, it is hard.  She knows things will get better.  She saw mom raise 7 after daddy died in 63'.  She knows time heals.  Is the family perfect, no.  It brings great joy to my heart she is enjoying the holidays.  Like I said she has her moments, but she loves her children and grandchildren and will remain happy.  I am fearful of Christmas Eve when I play Elf.  It will not be an easy challenge replacing Santa who they all knew was their grandfather.  I'm told they are all cool with the switch and understand the reason.  

I will play a game on them telling them I am not responsible for the bag of presents because Santa gave it to me. As I pull the first two presents out I will call out names of children who are not there.  I will then say something to the effect "oh my God Santa gave me the wrong bag."  I will then start pulling the gifts with the real names.  My nieces have all said it will be okay and the kids will not get too upset and will laugh when I get to the presents. 

I am so, so stoked for Christmas.

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