Friday, December 23, 2016


To be clear nothing in the letter send by Mike's trained monkey Frank Hill indicates he intends to sue me.  He simply demands I retract all comments concerning he is a fraud.  Well here is a piece of evidence.  His paid hack Montoya called him a fraud and is getting a pass.  That is evidence of being a fraud.

Remember this is the Frank Hill who while researching defamation law failed to learn you cannot get a temporary injunction against speech and had to amend the lawsuit.  I have actually won First Amendment cases before the Texas Supreme Court.

Well Mike, with Frank has your attorney I will win.  I have actually won First Amendment cases.  And because Frank is your attorney, he has exposed D & M Leasing.  The second I am hit with a lawsuit in Fort Worth, D & M Leasing, will get hit in Brownsville, or maybe sooner.

I have a packet for your business partners which will turn you life upside down.

So let's have it, because you are a fraud.  You knowingly as a worthless piece of shit lied about my disabled brother who did two tours in Vietnam, to cover for the fact you tried to bribe me in the Port election.  A jury will have zero mercy on you.  The judge will look at you with disgust.  Oh and the Imp and Montoya will be included in the Brownsville lawsuit.  The Imp will cut and run.  You will never find him so he will be defaulted after service through publication.  He cut and ran last time last time, and I ended up with $60,000.

You are not bright Mike.  You are a born loser.

You have no idea the can of worms you have opened.  You will spend years in court spending your money, angering your partners, to no end while doing nothing in Brownsville.

All of my assets are exempt from collections.  No attorney in Cameron county can compete with me on the first Amendment.

When former Mayor Pat Ahumada and Ralph Tipton were sued for defamation by the woman who allegedly killed Ralph's wife, I was contracted to handle the response.  Yea, they dismissed the lawsuit rather than face us in court.

Montoya's stupid piece yesterday was published in anticipation of me receiving Hill's letter.  It's called collusion.


You will be included in the Brownsville lawsuit.  My witness will testify under oath you orchestrated the theft of the voter registration lists from Jose Angel Gutierrez, and Mike Hernandez ran cover for you for that theft.  It is time both of you are sent packing.

I have the evidence that not only you are part of Mike Hernandez's nonsense, but you have partook of it using Ambiotec assets.  Let's see how Ambiotec feels about the Brownsville lawsuit.

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Anonymous said...

Hernandez had is head monkey passing out tcos at the Police department toy giveaway last Saturday. I suspose he has been told he can BUY Brownsville with a few tacos and a can of bug spray.