Friday, December 23, 2016


Remember when Juanito brought us Carlos Quintanilla, the convict from Dallas who perjured himself about living in Brownsville so he could claim residency in order to get the multimillion dollar BISD lawsuit against his buddy Ted Parker dismissed, or the con for millions for a start up airline which did not even have the correct permits, upon further study when the people demanded same.

Now he brings us con man Mike Hernandez - well once the check was cut.  Let's see what Juanito said about Mike Hernandez before being offered money to change his reporting.


"Somehow Brownsville voters dodged the six bullets sent their way by Dallas car dealer Mike Hernandez III. They rejected all 6 of his candidates for the Brownsville Navigation District and Texas Southmost College elections. "

The above is actually Montoya promoting Barton's assessment that Mike Hernandez III failed Brownsville Politics 101.  And for the record the incompetent Port Members Mike wanted gone, worked hard and got the funding to deepen our port.  Mike just went with candidates who would do his bidding, because he knew good men like Ralph Cowen would not give him the time of day.

"So much for philanthropy if there's no profit, hey Mike?"

"So why is United Brownsville and OP.10.33 targeting an apparent successful organization and targeting selected board members? Are are the district residents just supposed to follow the Pied Pipers Rusteberg, Hernandez and Rivera and ask no questions?"

"Gutierrez had the best intentions in mind, but Marin and Hernandez had other plans. That's why they have split but now they are using his work (and TVEA's list of educators) to their own ends. He couldn't put up with that."

Again quoting Barton Juanito says of Hernandez:

"We suspect Mike Hernandez III sells both the HUNDAIELANTRA and the KIASPORTAGE at his Dallas luxury car dealership and knows how to market an economy puddle jumper as a luxurious land yacht."

Juanito promoting McHale's view of Mike Hernandez:

" He does not dispense thousands of dollars out of the goodness of his heart. He is a thin-skinned tyrant. Like a vulture, he sees Brownsville as roadkill. "

And like the Nazis extracting gold from the mouths of dead Jews, Hernandez recognizes the economic opportunities controlling public monies. In terms of his real identity, there is (no?) doubt that he is a carpetbagger, a scalawag, a bully and a coward."

Juanito accuses Mike Hernandez III of Orwellian tactics and Russian like rewrites of history.

"BJuan Montoya

In light of a dismal political race win-loss record in local races, messianic millionaire Mike Hernandez III and his OP 10.33 minions have taken a page from George Orwell's 1984 and Russian revisionism and applied it to political races.
Now, instead of having a bush-league 0-5 record in the recently concluded Brownsville Navigation District and the Texas Southmost College, OP 10.33 is attempting to take credit for the victories ."

"A word of caution for philanthropist Hernandez: If you lie with dogs, you will catch fleas.
Juanito describe Mike Hernandez III "Beware of millionaires bearing gifts, children."

Hernandez buying the Port Election to through out the incumbents who worked hard to get the funding to deepen our port.  Why?  Control

"BJuan Montoya

OP 10.33 honcho Mike Hernandez III just raised the ante for his two candidates against Port of Brownsville incumbents Tito Lopez and Ralph Cowen by giving them $20,000 more to take over the navigation district.

So far, Hernandez has given Ed Rivera and Raul Villanueva $20,000 each, $10,000 "in-kind" in the previous reporting period and another $10,000 each in cash this time."

Juanito continues the control argument

"By Juan Montoya

Well, don't say he didn't tell us.
From far off in Dallas, Texas, self-made millionaire and St. Joe grad Michael Joseph Hernandez III – through his surrogate political operatives – has moved in to take control of the boards of the Brownsville Navigation District and Texas Southmost College during the 2016 elections.
The plan, to get rid off all the existing members of those boards and elect candidates who will pledge to follow his agenda "

Montoya quoting Barton, and as Mike should have learned by now, but has not "A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted."


Montoya went from trashing me almost daily for denouncing the theft of elections through mail ballots, to denouncing the theft of mail ballots when Begum put more money on the table to switch sides.  Montoya will switch sides at the drop of a nickle.  You better hope he does not get pulled over for yet another DWI, because this time no one at the court will let him out of jail for free. Freedom from jail will trump your money and he will switch sides again.


Let's assume he has 5000 page hits a day as he claims.  A page hit means someone clicked on the blog. Forget the fact I can hit my blog 10 million times and the google statistics will say I had 10 million hits.

A hit is not the same as individual page views.  An individual page view means the one time a person looks at the page.  But very few people look at the blogs only once a day.  My system which I pay for have people clicking on the BV as many as 13 times a day.  So that is one person viewing the blog 13 times.  I would say the average on any given day is 5-8 page views per person.  If you divide this into 5000 page hits, you have fewer than a thousand readers.  Then there is also the problem which no system can sort out of the reader who clicks on the blog from home, their phone, and work.  It is three page views from one person with three different devices. Only the BV has been will to tell the truth about this con.

But as Juanito said of Mike, "A Fool and His Money Are Soon Departed."


Please ignore everything Juanito said about me in the past, he was drunk, but believe everything nice he is saying about me now that he is on my payroll.

Mike only you are dumb enough to believe that line.  You underestimate the people of Brownsville.  City Commission candidates are already organizing to take you down and expose your candidates.  If you think the Port loss was hard to swallow, the City Commission election is going to be even harder for you to swallow.  The people are ready to fight Brownsville's biggest villain, and that is you Mike.

You should have listen to me, stay away from the blogs,  When compared to voter numbers, no one knows we exist except the politico's and in the case of the BV the business community.

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