Thursday, December 15, 2016


When Mike called me, the first thing I told him was to stay away from the blogs.  At the time, some 7 months before the Imp copied the BV's story, the BV had been defending OP10.33's mission while the blogs were trashing him.  I was actually on the phone with Mike, another lie by the Imp, and had full access to OP10.33's office.

I told Mike the bloggers were faking their numbers as to readership and in terms of readership verses actual voters in Brownsville and Cameron county, the blogs do not exist.

One of his mouth pieces George Sanchez is panicking and running around town telling people he is begging Mike Hernandez to stay away from the blogs because they are hurting him.  George might not be the brightest person, but he knows Brownsville and how by associating with any blogger will hurt Mike Hernandez and OP10.33.

George Sanchez is also blabbering the leaks are coming from George Gavito and not him.  You know Mike your money cannot stop blabbering and people leaking information.

I still believe in the mission of OP10.33.  I have said nothing about the delay in his education project.  I get these things, reasonable delays can be expected and there is nothing newsworthy in reporting the delay.  But Mike believes money entitles him to things.  It does not.  Hey Mike you need to listen to George Sanchez and run from the blogs.  Just prove yourself through your actions, and you will do fine.

Then I started to measure his words and mission against his actions and saw a different Mike.  He honestly believes his money gets him what he wants, the truth be damned.  Had Mike come into town and invited elected officials, the bloggers, along with a few well known community activists to meet with him and offer him advice on what needs to get done, his missteps never would have happened.

His first sign implied we had a corruption problem.  We all agree there.  But then when he learned it angered people because it implied he was running candidates in the Port election to rid the Port of corruption he changed his tone.  We trusted Ralph Cowen.  We know the Cowen family as good public servants, so we took offense at the implication.

So when the corruption con cost him a fortune in the failed Port Election he told the Herald the following:

 " I came looking for villains, and there aren’t any.  The Herald  

There are villains. just not the people he was targeting.  So now everyone is clean.  No Mike, no one believes you.  We know our town and we know our villains.

Your adviser Carlos Marin through Imagine Brownsville then United Brownsville cost us over a million dollars for nothing.  Carlos is a Villain and so long as you protect him you will be a villain.


Mike Hernandez to promote OP10.33, intentionally endangered many Brownsville residents by misleading them one can of bug spray would help in the battle against the Zika virus.  He turned it into a big publicity stunt for himself and OP10.33.The BV called for massive spraying of the city and county.  The BV has done many stories on mosquitoes in Brownsville and repeatedly called on people to spray their yards.

A proper campaign would have included explaining the dangers of stagnant water in people's yards and alleys.  Nothing from Mike or OP10.33, just a publicity stunt to make a name for himself.


Where was Mike on publicly calling on our elected officials to take immediate action?  Dead silent.  But he had time to call the press to say "hey I am passing out one can of bug spray to a hand full of families."  Only an idiot does not see this as a con.

Again Mike using his money, instead of real action and his brains.

"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia, on Wednesday designated Brownsville as a Zika cautionary (yellow) area. In other words, it advises pregnant women visiting the city to follow testing and travel guidance."

Mike is so obsessed with himself, he could not see the danger in his stunt.  Brownsville is now paying a price because of Mike Hernandez's stunt, and complete and total lack of leadership by our city and county.  This will yet be another election issue against Debbie Portillo, Rosen Gowen, and John Villarreal.

No Mike we do have Villains in Brownsville, but you run  cover for them.  The Independent blogs not bought by you will cover the truth. And those bought by you will shut down, thereby further damaging your reputation.


Anonymous said...

"Had Mike come into town and invited elected officials, the bloggers, along with a few well known community activists to meet with him" I know this kind of remark tends to threaten you so please try not to see this as an attack but what defines bloggers as being qualified to advise on city matters? You don't necessarily know more then anybody else just because you publish your opinion on the internet. I mean, perhaps you do but I don't think it is an automatic assumption.

BobbyWC said...

I did not say it is. But a line has to be drawn somewhere. Had an open invitation been issued and 300 people showed it would have been a waste of time. Remember Mike called me, and I told him to not worry about the blogs and to just ignore them.

But I can tell you he was very misinformed about the TSC/UTB divorce, which is one reason I think they decided to give money to Mendez, once I gave them the verified facts about how we were being screwed out of rent, paying to build UTB and had a very high tuition level with a high faulure rate. Someone sold them a bunch of lies until they got educated.

Bobby WC