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Mike Hernandez's porcelain ego keeps him away from reality and in a perpetual state of self destruction.  So long as you will lie for him, and defame people, he will praise you.  But the second you refuse his money in exchange for doing his bidding, you become public enemy number one.


And by the way, this is not about the Imp, it is about creating a verifiable record that Mike is a fraud and con.  The Imp has drawn him into this soap opera, so lets tell the truth and put Mike in his place.

The Lies;

Oh for the record a review of news reports shows Trump has made no indication that he wants Sarah Palin to head the VA.  Every news organization has linked the story back to Palin and her people floating her own name, and not Trump. The Imp plays this little game because he thinks he is going to upset the veterans he hates.  No one is buying.

Further, most veterans pay a fee for healhcare and their medicines.  I know many retirees who have VA healthcare costs deducted from their Social Security every month.  The VA is not free as the Imp claims, unless it i for something service connected.  But why tell the truth when telling a lie about veterans he hates is so much better?

I have spent years saying we should be charged an insurance premium.  When I am 65 I  will move to Medicare.  My sister pays $550 a month for full coverage parts A-F. If asked I would pay the $550 a month to the VA.  It should be income based.  Finally, at the VA Harlingen I rarely wait more than 20 minutes for a presciption which is faster  than any private pharmacy.  Further, for renewals I go on line two weeks in advance and order the presciption and it comes in  the mail.  So again the Imp just lies to trash veterans.

 And by the way, today went great at  the VA in moving forward for the Lap Band surgery.  I have cleared psychiatric, cardiology, and completed  the first of the 6 meetings on weight loss and to determine if I will be able to follow the plan.  She was confident I will be 100% compliant. 5 more visits over the next three weeks, and then I will be cleared to see  the surgeon in San Antonio.


The Imp says the following of myself and Barton without one supporting example. "But both are horrible “homer” newsmen, both repelled by facts"

The Imp goes on to say Brownsville has not changed since that one year he lived here in 1980.  I have lived her for 12 years, and have visited many times to see my sister and her family since 1976.  If you cannot see the change you are a liar or blind.  The transformation of the city is amazing and the growth continues every day. But then maybe  the Imp does not have the money for gas to drive his Imp mobile to Brownsville.

He blames Barton for claiming he lives with relatives, but it was his partner in crime McHale who claimed he lives with relatives and steals tips  from the table.  So Imp your beef is with McHale not Barton, or are you telling us McHaled lied?


"Both guys regularly dog The Avenger for reporting on OP 10.33 and its honcho, Mike Hernandez, III. They wrote about him for most of the year, but never bothered to call him, to get quotes from the guy they were criticizing, to Email for answers to their many, many questions. Instead, they analyzed and condemned from the comfort of their computer keyboards, thoughts as shallow as the Rio Grande."

Below are all articles written by the BV for OP10.33, while the Imp's partners in crime McHale and Montoya were trashing Mike Hernandez on a regular basis.  Where was the the Imp?, dead silent.  Mike and I spoke on the phone on a regular basis, contrary to the Imp's lies.  The Imp's mind is so far gone he forgets he posted an email from Mike verifying we were speaking on the phone.

I have known Jose Angel Gutierrez for over 20 years [if you remember it was the Imp who lied and declared Jose Angel dead] and was invited into OP10.33's offices over and over again where I went for my information and was given access to a lot of information.  So again the Imp is a complete liar. On one occasion Carlos Marin and I also spoke.

Positive review of OP10.33 Education initiative - Click

Positive review of OP10.33 Education initiative while refuting lies of other blogger Click

Positive review of OP10.33 Job Training Center - btw the source was Mike who communicate with me on the phone on a regular basic. Click

Positive review of OP10.33 Voter Registration program  Click

Positive review of OP10.33 Mission Click

Now what a journalist does is measure a person's words to their actions.  So after months of publishing the words we started to see the actions   They did not match up.  Staff started to tell me things which were concerning, but I let it go.  The Mission was too important to compromise over what may have been a misunderstanding.  But when he offered me money to change my endorsements in the Port Election,  I knew then a lot of what I was hearing had to be true.

Ben Neece and I have our differences.  And for the records I have not endorsed him for city commission. I said he he stood for certain issues I would endorse him.  But I made a big point about Ben not being mere words.  He has proven his words will be made into real action.  

So I reported how Hernandez's  actions did not align with his words.

Where was the Imp while  this story was unfolding, nowhere to be found.  He emailed Mike and offered to counter the negative so he could look to the sky and say to his mamacita, "look mamacita I am relevant again."  Well the llorana did not respond.  Remember Imp, it was McHale who told Cris about this mamacita issue who then told me.

The Imp and McHale claim to be friends.  How that is possible is beyond me.  When McHale was going through his divorce his biggest pain was the prospect of not seeing his young son every day.  McHale takes a lot of pride in his son and his ability to excell at certain sports and the discipline which comes with excelling.  He feared his son would lose out.

You now what if a piece of shit bully like Mike Hernandez sent me an email to inform McHale Hernandez would drop the lawsuit if he left town, which would mean abandoning his son, my response would have been vicious.  But for the Imp with no heart or real concept of loyalty or friendship let it go.  Not me, that email for ever sealed Mike Hernandez as a worthless bully piece of shit.  And the Imp desperate for the llorana to praise him as relevant let it go.  And then the Imp wonders why the llorana refuses to speak with him.

As to complex analytical writing the Imp could not compete with me which is why he only writes trash.  He could not survive reading thousands of pages of depositions and reviewing exhibits while sourcing them into 100 plus page briefs, while mixed with the law.  It takes a skill and focus he does not have.

If Mike wants to continue to live in this soap opera fine with me.  He will until he apologizes to Brownsville and Veterans for the words of the Imp.

The Imp hated my piece on the airport because it showed progress and competency.  It went against the lies he promotes to destroy Brownsville.  I got endless calls and emails from politicos and business people thanking me for the piece and promoting Brownsville.

Finally, with the number of coffee shops opening up in Brownsville, we will bury any other city in the LRGV on the issue.

All differences aside, support our local  owners,  Zeke Silva is opening a new coffee shop.  Go give it a try.  I have always said I support local over chains.  If the coffee is good then make it a regular for you and your friends.  I do not care about yesterday.  All I know Brownsville is getting a new coffee shop and we should give it a shot.  The small business person is the backbone of any community.

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Troll not getting through. Journalism is about writing the story whether is makes someone look good or bad. The BV has never lied. It is right there for anyone to read. No sacred cows. I will report the good the bad and the ugly. You do not want journalism. You want mouth pieces for the people you support who will suppress the truth you oppose.

Trolls have no speaking rights at the BV

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