Thursday, December 8, 2016


For many this story will mean nothing.  But for those of us old enough to remember school assemblies to watch every launch, it means a lot.  The late Senator/Astronaut John Glenn was old guard.  Today he would probably be rejected by the new Right in the Republican Party.  He was an all American Hero.

He knew the dangers of each and every launch.  He saw friends die on the launch pad.  But he knew space exploration had to go forward if mankind was to move forward.  With every launch he put his life on the line.

The old guard remembers clearly how our Navy would wait for the space capsules to splash down into the ocean before sending out sailors to recover the capsule and the astronauts.  

In the beginning John Glenn and the many, many others did not know if they were bringing back some deadly disease.  They were held in isolation for a period of time until they could be medically cleared,  Knowing full well he could be bringing back a deadly disease he still went, because he knew space exploration was essential to our country's future.  You use products every day invented for NASA.

Side note, at the time "Night of the Living Dead" was scary because it was based on a premise a virus was brought back from outer space, and we all knew of this very real fear by NASA.

As a nation we must respect his final wishes as to burial and or cremation.  But it would be nice for the country if he were given a funeral fit for a sitting president.  We need this, but in the end if his family wants a quiet small family service, we the people must respect them.

To the family, thank you for giving us such a well respected national hero.


Unknown said...

Of all the stories I've read no one seems to remember that he ran for U. S.President in the early 80s.I was assigned to provide security for him at the old friendship garden pavilion in Brownsville. I was prior military and we spoke for a while and it was like talking to another prior Marine.He was humble and polite and am sure he would have been an outstanding President.

BobbyWC said...

It is hard for me to remember the candidates from 36 years ago. But the year is interesting and brings home a point. 1980 is when Reagan brought the radical right into the Party and changed it forever. Glenn was too much of a diplomat and human to ever be able to compete in a field where the radical right was controlling the outcome. Nice catch.

Bobby WC

Unknown said...

I met him around the late 70s or early 80s I don't remember the exact year.I met him at the now gone friendship garden pavilion in Brownsville.He was running for President of the U.S.and I was assigned to his security detail.I had the honor to speak to him for a while. I was prior service and it was like speaking to another Marine. He was very humble and polite and he would have probably been an outstanding President. This country has lost a great and very brave man.