Monday, December 12, 2016


The fundamental problem with Donald Trump taking on the military industrial complex is simple.  It means taking on Republican Senators and Members of the House of Representatives.  Let's assume for argument sake the following by Donald Trump is true - based on personal experience in having worked on all 100 B1-B Bombers I believe it is true.  The waste was massive.  "On Monday morning, Trump tweeted that the cost of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter was "out of control,"  Source: NPR

It is the same fundamental problem with Boeing?  Boeing is very concerned its billions of dollars in already approved deals with Iran and pending deals with China will be in danger if Donald Trump does as he promises.  Boeing employs thousands in Alabama.  How will killing jobs at Boeing sit with the two Republican Senators and the majority of Republican House Members in Alabama?  It will not sit well.

These major manufacturers figured out the con a long, long time ago.  All of the time Congress appropriates funds for military hardware the generals say we do not need. How, are not the generals the experts?  

It is not about military readiness, it is about jobs.  All of the big manufacturers in the Military Industrial Complex or Boeing have their facilities spread out all over the US. Why?  Because Congress will be more likely to give them contracts and protect them. It is about jobs.

I have no problem with jobs.  I find this battle Trump is lodging interesting.  Is the liberal press going to praise him for finally saying something real about waste in military appropriations?  They should.

Are the Republicans going to balk and give him nothing for endangering their jobs by possibly costing 10,000's of jobs within their states and districts?  Yes.

Trump on the China Taiwan issue has made it clear, he does not give a rats ass about Taiwan.  He cares about using Taiwan as a pawn, to force China to do as he says or he will recognize Taiwan as an independent nation.  China has called him out on it and said they will not play.  Of course they will play, China needs us as much as we need them.

Yes, we can write thousands of pages about everything Donald Trump is doing wrong, but is his sense of business going to change the landscape as to how corporate American and other nations do business with the US.  It can go very bad, or it can go very well.  Since China is not talking to me personally, I have no idea.

In many regards this is why so many Americans voted for Trump, and the establishment simply does not get it.

I just want to see how Republican Senators and Members of the House respond to Trump when Boeing and the Military Industrial Complex come knocking and demand they not work with him.  This should make for interesting drama which could derail everything Trump wants to do.  Watching a Republican White House, Senate, and House being unable to do anything should be fun. Oh yes, they will blame President Obama.

Politics is complex - and what is up with the Electoral College?  I think the Democrats are blowing smoke and have the liberal press helping them, but now that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had to agree to bipartisan hearings on the Russian hacking issue, maybe something is happening behind the scenes we do not know about.

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