Saturday, December 17, 2016


The Imp unable to constrain himself continues to blast me with psychotic diatribes every time he gets caught writing fictional stories or stories based solely on his delusions and hatred for Brownsville.

The Imp demands proof that Mike Hernandez has paid him money and that I should call Mike or email him and he will verify he has not.  The Imp having no research skills or interest in facts seems to not care that Mike has blocked my emails and through a third party directed I not call him.

So Imp why not email Mike and ask him to take my calls or unblock my emails so we can finish this?

The funniest part of his latest psychotic diatribe is his claim I have been begging Mike for money.  Mike to the best of my knowledge has sent the Imp one email on this issue and the Imp published it.  In the email Mike verified he offered me money and I turned him down.  The BV went public with the story during the Port election when Mike offered me money to change my endorsement.  So the fact Mike has verified for the Imp I have turned down his money does not seem to prevent the Imp from claiming I am begging Mike for money.

The Imp demands proof that his naming Mike Person of the Year was not bought and paid for.  This is what I said.  "Mike is so self absorbed with himself instead the people, that he posted to his web page he was named man of the year.  A bought and paid for endorsement."

English is a bastard language born of many languages with no real parent.  Words have many meanings and context is not precise which is why no International Treaties as to the enforceable  final say are written in English.  They are translated into English but not used as the final say in court or the Hague

The Imp not being proficient in English, well I will explain it to him.  The key words are, posted to Mike's web page.  So what does Mike's web page say?

Mike Hernandez Is Brownsville’s “Person Of The Year”

By        Morgan Pfursich

December 16, 2016

So unless the Imp is Morgan Pfursich the statement has nothing to do with him.  Morgan is a member of the  Republican Party and works for an advertising firm called DR2 Marketing. 

God the Imp just thinks he is the center of the universe.  Mike seems to have decided to not post the story.  I have no idea if it is the same one written by the Imp.  The author is different.   But I do know the Imp removed the  reference to Mike being part of the BISD car giveaway and that  the Cardenas family was not happy with the claim.

Also and not that reality matters, but a person can be paid with favors like making them relevant. This is part of the Enlish language being a bastard imprecise language. The Imp was salivating over Mike talking to him.  It made the Imp feel relevant when in fact he is not.  And there my friends is the favor.

Mike through one endless misstep has been living in an endless soap opera since arriving in town.  He will remain in that soap opera until he starts to listen to the people trying to help him.  But until he apologizes for his acts, he will be distracted with the soap opera.  And Mike,  the Imp is really close to closing down to go to one of those beloved places he says he must go before he shuts down.  He will be gone, but you will still be living the soap opera for working with him.

You should have taken my phone call and avoided this entire mess.


Explain all of his made op lies and fake stories about the protest.

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