Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Politics is slowing down, but a lot of Christmas things are happening. I need to get out to the Christmas Village in Brownsville for pictures.  It is one of Brownsville's holiday gems.  The Christmas parade was great for family and children. There is more to life than endless politics.  Besides we are days away from the largest organized anti-corruption protest in front of the FBI building which should create a few more stories before the protest and after the protest.  It is important because it may do more for change than anything else we have seen in Brownsville.  We will fight the villains and those who defend the villains.  It is that simple.


I have a very busy schedule the next two days, so I am posting early.  My sister went to NYC today with her two youngest daughters and all of their children.  The bottom picture are the two son in laws.  While I am good friends with both and love their company, Steve puts his life on the line every day as a NYC police officer. He has a good gig.  He has the night shift in Times Square.  It could be a lot worse.  His primary problem seems to be bar owners demanding over-served patrons be arrested, just so they can file racial profiling complaints against the officers.  Times Square is a very family oriented area so protecting the tourists in addition to the locals is very important.  But given the number of drunks and domestic situations danger is always a problem.  

The first picture is with Steve's wife my sister's youngest and her three daughters.  They are all fun. They are New York and what makes New York great.  The grand children are English, Irish, Nicaraguan, Spanish, Indigenous, and Portuguese.  Steve speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese.  I cannot wait for his mom's lamb stew.  The fact this many ethnic groups can intermarry and survive only proves we are all really one.

The second picture is my sister's middle child along with the youngest and all of the kids with my sister in front of the tree at Rockefeller Center.

This is what they do, they always do things together.  The oldest had to work and her son is completing job training in high school as an avionics mechanic could not go.  You just do not take a day off from the job training.  He was going to do robotics manufacturing but switched to avionic mechanics.

Under supervision he is already working on planes at Republic Airport where they do the training. This is a NY program known as BOCEs which has existed since before I was in high school.  NY believes in good job training at the high school level.  When he graduates he will have a ton of job offers which will pay enough for him to pay cash to go to the community college and then the university if he chooses. He is also thinking of Air Force or Navy for more advanced training before going to the university.

So there you have it, my family already doing the Christmas things without me.  I am told we will be going to the city in addition out to Eastern Long Island for a day of fresh Peconic bay scallops which are in season, and then the winery.  Long Island out east has several wineries where you pay an annual fee to be a member.  You then get unlimited wine when you are there and several free bottles.  Trust me they are making money.  Once the free bottles run out spending several hundred dollars for bottles to bring home is no big deal.  But it is nice to sit around and drink wine in the middle of the grape fields in a nice hall with a nice fire.

The BV will have politics if something big breaks.  Bloggiing always gets slow near the holidays.

There may be a big story concerning Space X.  The sources are just not producing the emails I need to feel confident the story is real.  I have no desire to publish the emails, I just need them as proof if brought into court.  Space X is putting out very controlled information without any specific information as  to real time lines.  There are multiple stories about time lines, and that is the problem.  The time lines keep on changing, and the question is why?  If I can get the verifying emails I will go with the story, until then it is just city and county employees blowing smoke. For now I am told they are moving forward.

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