Friday, December 23, 2016



In an unprecedented move Donald Trump openly backed Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu over President Obama and his peace efforts which include stopping Israeli settlements on disputed land, which includes part of Jordon a major U.S. ally.

The U.S. abstained rather than veto a UN resolution against the new settlements.  In response to the vote, Israel recalled its envoys to New Zealand and Senegal for sponsoring the resolution.

There will be no peace so long as Israel keeps building new settlements.  That is a fact.

When Hamas attacks Israel and they will, children on both sides of the border will needlessly die because of Trump interfered with US policy, and Netanyahu's absolute opposition to the two state solution.

The most we can hope for is, the Israeli people can muster enough members of Parliament to break with  Netanyahu's government to force an early election.

It is sad how many innocent children on both sides of the border will die for no reason.

The Israeli people are good people.  I just hope they do not need to see bodies piled up before they act to force Netanyahu from office.  Hopefully then, the new Israeli government will break with Trump and tell him to butt out.  To make this kind of decision before his intelligence advisers could weigh in on facts was absolutely reckless on Trump's part.

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BobbyWC said...

First those people have nothing to do with what is happening for legal purposes. One is a private attorney and has many clients. How you would know how much Mike is paying him is beyond me.

Mike is free to hire any attorney he wants. Fortunately for me one of those is Frank Hill. I can do this blind folded with my hands tied behind my back.

So since there is zero proof either of these people have anything to do with Mikes and Carlos decision making as to me, your comment is rejected. Once when I refused to acknowledge I knew Carlos Marin he responded, "I know you, you are the one who keeps on going to jail." Marin will not last 5 minutes in a proper deposition.

Bobby WC