Sunday, December 11, 2016


Hillary Clinton makes clear the government and organizations are finally taking this matter seriously. But in the end such as the drug war, U.S. Americans drive the drug war through usage.  Mexico is nothing more than a transit point to feed the U.S. American problem.

The people in the end are the problem with fake news.  McHale has his endless fake stories, fake news organization with fake polls and fake awards and fake claims as to who is and who is not running for office.  Ben Neece if he wants to run for public office better make a decision soon about his support for McHale's fake news.  It is not moving Brownsville forward.

Montoya has always been paid to trash people or protect people.  There was no news story in Mike Hernandez paying him through one of his workers.  We all knew it was happening.  Juanito for me is a tragic story because if he was driven by solely getting to the truth I think he would have a huge following with enough ads to make an easy $4,000 a month.  But he is short sighted and cannot see the bigger picture of what he can do.  I do not have the time to be on the street looking for stories or meeting people.  I have bills.  My choice would be for him to be making $4,000 a month with a real news service than chump change, which is what he has now.  The choice is is.

Then there is that blog from NeverNeverland which never breaks a story and does nothing but puts out trash and lies endorsed by McHale who point blank accused the NeverNeverLand thing of stealing tips from waitresses and living on his relatives' futons.

Barton takes the time to go to a lot of committee meetings and reports,  He is Brownsville's primary source on these issues.  We have our differences, but I have never known him to take money and am certain her never would.

Then there is me.  The people read what they know to be false stories and do not care.  Then stop bitching.  Even if it means the BV readership dropping big time, my view is, if you live in Brownsville stop reading the blogs.  I will not be offended if my readership drops if it means ending the fake news and defamation for pay.  It is a small price to pay for a Better Brownsville.

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