Saturday, December 3, 2016


Brownsville excels with its parks.  The parks are one of our many gems.  When I lived right near Morningside Park I used it all of the time.  Bela and her brothers prefer Dean Porter so we load up the bikes, some water and snacks and head out.  They get good exercise and sunshine, along with great memories with their grandfather.

Forget about politics today, go to the park.


Both of our libraries are good.  You can go any day after school and they are packed with parents and kids doing the homework.  The parents love how they can get a cup of coffee.  Seniors and others just go for the coffee and to read papers and magazines.

There is always a selection of new books.  If you cannot go to the park, get out and go enjoy our libraries which do a great job serving our community.  And if you did not know, they now have one set of all BISD textbooks to help you help your children with their homework.


I have always said I support family owned businesses over chains.  I do not care who the owner is, if you are willing to make the gamble on a new family owned business, I say go for it.  Small businesses are the backbone of any community.

This is too far for me to drive, but if you are in the area try out Zeke Silva's new coffee shop.  He is willing to take the gamble and the community should give him a shot.

These coffee shops are popping up all over Brownsville.  The best will survive.  I am all excited about the one about to open at Four Corners.  That will be a 5 minute or less drive for me.

If you are not into the park, or the library is too busy for you, try the "Roast House" today.  You have nothing to lose.  You know, I hate sitting in my home.  God would I love a piano bar downtown near the parking garage.  it would get me out of the house.  The new coffee shop down the block will get me out of the house.  Sometimes just sitting with friends and talking nonsense is so much better than TV or the computer.  So go give it a try.  Take your significant other, try the coffee and rediscover the lost art of conversation.

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