Friday, December 9, 2016


I have a very busy day of meetings. I am already running late. Even though the heater is running, I am not looking forward to the shower. I am already running late and still have about an hours work before I can leave.

A SHORT POLITICAL NOTE No one has any idea where this country is headed after January 20, 2017. But I will say this I am bored to death with all the fake negative news and misleading stories being published about Trump. While there remains an incredibly small chance the Electoral College will sent the vote to the House, he will be our president and we must remember his success is our success. How about waiting to see what he does before we call the end of humanity.


Anonymous said...

While I generally agree that people deserve a fair chance to prove themselves, I am disappointed by the appointments that he has made so far. This is not just about jobs and the economy, which is maybe where his "strengths" lie. He has appointed someone who has made anti Semitic and racist comments in a racist website. Not only did he make racist statements, he ran that whole company. I could care less about jobs if racism is going to flourish. I think we can agree that racists have felt more empowered since the election. Then there is the environment. He appointed someone to run the EPA who denies climate change, is currently suing the EPA, and is friendly to oil companies. I think the tribes in North Dakota are wise to keep on protesting because the next leader has not shown himself to be more trustworthy than previous administrations and native Americans have a long history of injustice in the name of "progress." If "progress" towards more jobs and cheaper oil/gas comes at the expense of people of color, then " no thanks." There are things more important than jobs and the economy. Besides, if Obama could get unemployment to under 5%, republicans should have no problem getting that farther down, because that's their big boast, correct?, They are supposedly the party that will create jobs. So, if our new leader can't do better than Obama with job creation, what will he hang his hat on? In my opinion, the economy is humming along pretty well compared to eight years ago. So for now, I'm maintaining a healthy level of skepticism because I don't like what I've seen so far.

BobbyWC said...

I agree 100% with everything you said, and in particular I would rather no new jobs than the renewal of racism more than we all ready have. My biggest point with all of his mistakes, which you so clearly pointed out, what is the point of all the endless false stories and disinformation against Trump? Trump and many on his prospective cabinet have said more than enough for negative stories 24/7. So I am at a lost for the need of false stories and disinformatio. That is my point. Also he is so erratic I have no idea what he stands for. The good news is, Congress has already said many of his ideas are dead on arrival. There is a chance moderate Republicans and Democrats can take control of both Houses and shut Trump down. We shall see.

Bobby WC