Sunday, December 18, 2016


I have a very busy week.  There are a few interesting stories out there, but they still need development.  I have 12 hour days every day until I leave for NY on the 24th.  My history is I never sleep the night before going on a trip because I try and get as much done as possible.  I am already preparing to bring a ton of work with me.

If a story breaks, I will be on top of it.

On Monday once it is official Donald Trump is the president elect, I announce same.

I will tell you now, all of this trauma and panic over Trump is not helping anyone.  How about doing something radical and sit back and see what happens.  Trump in a bit more than a month will learn just how little power the President has in terms of the daily running of the country and legislation.

The Republican Senators are never going to vote to end Boeing or military contracts.  Donald is faced with a potentially controversial Supreme Court nomination, and Cabinet Members even some Republicans have already come out against.  His first 6 months are going to be interesting.

So I say, lets sit back and wait before we panic.  I suspect his 4 years in office will have nearly zero impact on my life.

The Congressional Establishment is still in charge, and Trump is about to learn that.


Lets begin the week with


Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays! I know you believe in Santa Claus, Bobby, but I'm not sure "sitting back" is the right choice. We must stay on top of this.

BobbyWC said...

If you are referring to Trump, I'm not sitting back. I am just waiting to see what happens before I report it. Trust me the confirmation of his cabinet and Supreme Court Justice is going to be great political theater as the Republican party struggles not to fall apart. There is going to be plenty of news for everyone to cover. Also we have the city election in May. Gowen, Villarreal and Portillo are in for some hard reporting. They have done nothing for Brownsville and stood by while millions were wasted by Tony Martinez and julliet Garcia. After tne new year things are going to get hot in the news cycle. The BV will be there.

Saenz is in real hot water. The locals have lost control of what he does. I know for sure all of the complaints are not out of the hand of anyone associated with Saenz. He has no one to turn to locally for protection.

Unfortunate if it takes the FBI 3 years to prosecute a simple prison rape case, this could be a while. It is high level and the final decision will come from Washington. We have a new administration which needs to take office and get settled in. They are going to want a heavy hit. The marijuana states are waiting to see if the new US Attorney Jeff Sessions shuts them down. Sessions has a history of zero tolerane of corruption in local government. he will be looking for a place to make his mark.

Remember with Villalobos the FBI agents for years knew of his crimes, but they sat back and continued to allow Villalobos to break the law for an even bigger case against him. Jeff sessions may do the same here. Now that the people under the leadership of Ralph Tipton got the FBI to put eyes on Saenz, although it may take 2 years, he is going down if he does not resign. If he had good competent local counsel Sanez would be told they will drop everything if he just resigns, but take office in January will be like playing Russian Roulette except with 5 bullets in the chamber.

Sessions may hit 10 local governments at once.

Saenz is in trouble and he knows it. How he does business will change and the lawyers who have played dirty for so long are going to have to learn the law if they expect to stay in practice.

2017 is going to be a real hot news year.

BObby WC

BobbyWC said...

Sorry guys, I rejected a comment elsewhere. I do not disagree with you, but i am trying to set a positive tone for Chritmas week. If a news story breaks and it makes a public official look bad, well it's news and I will cover it.

There is a great story which as been repeated to me repeatedly why Carlos Cascos left the SOS job. I have tried a FOIA request at the federal level. But I think it will be rejected. As to the state level they will reject it as a personnel matter, althought it is not.

If I get written confirmation, I will report it, the day does not matter. As is always the problem in blogging is people tell you a lot but can produce no evidence. I will tell you what i told them, do not bring me stories without evidence or at least the name of a government insider who will confirm the story for me.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

My Christmas wish is if we cannot have world peace, for Santa to get rid of the trolls.

On many occasions I have shared stories with the other bloggers and they post the story. My reasons are unimportant. The Cascos' story I believe started with one person and has merged into half truth and half false.

I made notation of what is happening for one simple reason. Maybe another blogger or reader has access to someone in Austin who can help. I did not say which federal agency got the FOIA request. I did that for a reason. It would point fingers, without real proof. But now other bloggers and readers know there may be a non-criminal federal issue involved, they may know someone who can help develop the story. It is how we get information.

To put to bed Cascos running against Cruz, here is a fact. For every dollar Cascos can raise, Cruz can raise 10. So that contest will never happen.

And I am not even saying Cascos even knew what was happening in his office. But the basic claim is true, it is a big story which needs to be told. As to part of the half truths - one source claims Cascos approved of what was happening. I do not believe that, hence I am certain if the basic story is true, Cascos knew nothing about it. But he paid the price.

Sometimes to get the story you have to reach out for help. If another blogger gets it first, I will be happy for them. It is the story which matters, and not the first to publish it. If the people pushing the story are just sour apples then we need to know that also.

But I am working on it from every possible angel including encouraging my fellow bloggers to start asking questions.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"Sit back and see what happens"? If somebody throws a rattlesnake into my house I don't just sit back and see what happens. If I can't the snake out of the house I keep a careful eye on it and work to see it doesn't get out of line. If I wait to see what happens I might well get bit. And then it is too late.

BobbyWC said...

Good comment with great visual. I will agree keeping an eye on it better gets the point across.

Thanks for the comment