Monday, December 12, 2016


I do not fault Charlie for thinking McHale could be trusted with anything.  He wanted to be heard so based on lies and disinformation he went to McHale.  You do not help yourself Charlie when you become vulgar with one of McHale's readers for Jerry's decision to post an old mugshot.  It was Jerry who trashed you, not the reader.

For the record Jerry would not post my agreement with you that you begin in middle school to build great athletes.  My post was all praise about how it begins in middle school and how you were spot on.  Jerry rejected the post because he could not allow for anyone to praise what you have done with the kids.

Charlie, you need to stay away from these moronic battles among the politicos and focus and preparing these young athletes into becoming great athletes when they get to highschool.  You seem to have found your focus.  Why diminish yourself by opening yourself to McHale's clowns and trolls.

There will be no comments allowed here trashing you for the sake of trashing you.  The clowns and trolls know their posts will not get through, but suffering from trollism they try every day to get nowhere.  The only posts which get through are generally helpful to the post.

Charlie just keep on doing what you are doing in bringing discipline to these middle school kids and prepping for highschool.  And as you know all too well at this point, that discipline you are giving them on the field is translating to the classroom.  You are making a difference for the kids, so define yourself in that light.

This was the essence of my post which maybe two weeks ago, McHale would not approve.  It went against what he calls funny and satire which was the intent of his post on you to begin with.  Jerry knows wine and anxiety pills, and nothing about laughter or satire.  

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charles said...

Thanks Bobby, haven't visited your site in a while. Are u on Facebook? Anyway god bless.
C atkinson