Saturday, December 31, 2016


I chose this video because it represents Brownsville.  Those who do not know us, or want to con us, fail to understand how resilient we are.

If you cannot see the economic boom coming you do not live in Brownsville or have a clue as to what is happening.

We are not waiting until 2033, for our boom, we are in it now.  Social media is alive and thriving in Brownsville.  Unless too many failed past candidates get into the city commission races, we will send all three incumbents packing.

 Social media owns the future of Brownsville.  Some if it hurts Brownsville, but by and large when you include FB, there is massive movement of information against the establishment.  We have been empowered with some big wins, while also suffering some losses.  The near sweep of BISD was truly empowering for the people of Brownsville.

New construction is everywhere.  Our airport serves as a customs stop for international flights coming in from Central and South America.  The new runway is a reality this time and it will be built. While I opposed Space X and remain concerned, it is reality and happening.

Space X has already brought one major manufacturer to Brownsville who bought a smaller company to expand to service Space X needs.  We have an Italian company coming in.  The governor committed to a work force training center which will include robotics which in turn will mean more manufacturing.

Our Port Commissioners did an A+ job in bringing in the funding for a deeper port.  They won the election over the objections of Mike Hernandez because we know them and what they were doing to make things better.  Mike being a fraud and con just believed what ever lies he was told, and paid a price.  He needs to stick to his education center and when it succeeds go to the people and say, this is what OP10.33 is doing for Brownsville, and stay out of the elections.

So many of us oppose LNG, and I think rightfully so.  They are not a reality yet.  As odd as it may seem Space X over safety issues my kill LNG.  Odd how things can work out for the better.

When Space X launches its first pay load visitors from all over the US will be here.  They will see our new airport well underway, along with the new runway.  They will see our new port.  They will see IH69.  They will see money.  They will come.  I see 5 years out and Brownsville will not know how to handle its new found wealth.

Be patient people - it is happening.  When you drive around just look at all of the new construction. Look at how many old shopping strips are redoing their facades.

If I had the money I would buy old buildings downtown and convert them to condos, and apartments for UTRGV staff and students, or anyone else for that matter.  But I would also maintain the integrity of the building if it is part of old Brownsville.

We have things to do by ridding Brownsville of so many incompetent politicos, the villains and frauds who are trying to con us.  Promising me a future in 2033, is a con.  If it takes you that long to bring change you are after something else, or just plain incompetent.

The people will compete against these con artists and villains, and win.  By 2022 you will not recognize the new Brownsville, with new found leadership and Dreams coming to fruition.

Dream the Dream people.  This is real.  It will be happening so fast by 2022, and not 2033.  


Anonymous said...

What makes you think that people will come from all over the country to see the launches? There is no proof of this happening. What is the head count of people in other launch sites? Be realistic, if you are banking on thousands of people coming from all over the world to see it, you are jaded. Maybe people from the valley will com to the initial one with some space buff's from who knows where....but to say that it will be sustainable crowds that will make a change in the economy is erroneous. Look at the jobs it will bring to area...not the crowds that will watch launch live. Have you seen crowds watching SpaceX launches

BobbyWC said...

Your post seems to indicate you hate the idea of Brownsville succeeding. You are also fact resistent. You really need a dictionary. Look up the word jaded. The only thing jaded is you comment.

Your lies - I never said substantial, thousands, or world. When NASA launches the campsites are full.

There is no issue after the first launch interest will wain outside of the local area.

I said people will come from all over the country. And they will. This will be a major event for Texas, and the State will make a big deal of it. This will bring in business people. They are my interest.

It is never the number, but the people who show. Politicos from all over the state will be hear for the first launch. we do not go to Florida for major launches because it is really too far. But this will make space more interesting to Texans.

Houston will send a ton of people. They normally watch behind computers at the NASA center.

But here is the deal, we will see who is right on launch day. I am sure with your jaded attitude you will be back to post after the launch.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

In the Earle days of the space shuttle launch and landing they had lots of viewers.