Monday, December 19, 2016


The killing of a Russian Ambassador is not something I would typically blog about.  Russia and Turkey are not on good terms, with Russian boycott calls against Turkish beaches for example.  The shooter is alleged to have said the killing was in retaliation for the deaths of Syrians in Aleppo by Russian bombers and support for the Syrian Regime.

While the international community can clearly condemn this act against the Russian Ambassador, but war is war.  I do not support the attack, but why is killing innocent civilians in Aleppo okay, but if the people of Aleppo, or support by someone who cares about Aleppo kills a Russian it is wrong?

When you go to war you put your entire nation at risk.

Turkey is facing problems with Russia, the US, the radicals in Syria, and the Kurds.  I can only hope Putin shows restraint.  This could end in mass killings which destabilizes Turkey.  The impact on Europe and in effect the US would be massive.

Now is the time for Obama and Putin to do everything in their power to stabilize the situation.  Now is not the time for reckless comments by anyone.

A little assassination in this part of the World started WWI.  The assassination became an excuse for what was already a volatile situation.  This is a story which needs to be watch carefully.  

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