Thursday, December 8, 2016


The BV works endlessly with the families and children of different needs.  [I reject the term specials needs as being misleading and in fact a term of ignorance of the real problem.]

I do what I do from the heart.  When I learn a Vietnam Veteran cannot get help at the VA because they received less than an honorable discharge for drug and alcohol abuse while in Vietnam, I work to upgrade their discharge, and then get them full benefits at the VA and for those willing to go all the way, into rehab.  I never, expect a penny or anything in return.  My faith teaches me God has a journey for me and I must trust in that journey.  God has a journey for all of us, with a purpose, and without punishment or shame.  You just have to open your eyes.


Well the cerebellum atrophy has me at the point I regularly call people by he wrong name.  I fall a lot.  I am very, very forgetful.  I took the time to reflect about where this journey is going to take me and I found a comfortable place.  I do not fear it, I am just doing my best to work around it.


My old phone and new phone clearly have a message to call a certain number if the phone is found. Oh, I misplace my phone in a store at least twice a week, and always get it back by backtracking my steps.

This morning while on my way to McCoy's to pay for my new doors, which have already been TDI approved, I stopped for coffee, and dropped my checkbook which I needed to pay for the doors.  Because of the loan everything has to be paid for with a check so I cannot use the debit card.

A man standing next to me saw the checkbook fell out of my jacket and told me.

Apparently while going into McCoy's my phone fell out of my jacket pocket.  Someone found it outside the door and gave it to the cashier.  She noticed the message to call my roommate if the phone is found.  She did.  My roommate,I  am certain laughing while happy, told her to just call out for Bobby.  Well she did, and I got my phone.  My roommate also called my nephew, his cousin, to go get the phone.  Well I saw his missed call when I got the phone, and called him just as he was heading out the door to McCoy's.

God has his ways, which is why I keep the faith, and no matter how dark the clouds may seem on one day, I know the sun will shine the next and all will be well.  Do not judge God's journey he has you on.  Embrace it.  He never will give you more than you can handle.  This is called faith.

I am in a living hell trying to help my brother, but this journey now has me communicating with both state and even US Senate staffers on how we are going to fix the problem.  I do not know if I will be able to help my brother in the end, but I do know because of his case I have become an expert in the abuses and now have a voice at both the state and national level.  In my eyes, that was God's intent. for those of us willing to open our eyes, God has thousands of us working at the state and federal level to force reform to include even stronger criminal penalties for those abusing the elderly and the guardianship process.

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