Monday, December 5, 2016


Before the trolls get all orgasmic, Montoya did a good job this morning outlining the failed deal with Tenaska.  The BV stands by its original support of Tenaska.  It is easy to play Monday morning quarterback.  But the glut of natural gas and oil was unknown at the time.

The problem now is, the BPUB is not giving back the money or lowering the rates to the original rates.  The problem is part of this money is paid to the city.  Without the money the city will have to raise taxes, so they use this back door method to raise our taxes under a guise which is now clearly a fraud.  This is yet another great election year issue which we can use to measure whether or not Debbie Portillo, John Villarreal, or Rose Gowen are protecting the people.

Where Montoya's story falls a bit short is on the water issue.  He does report the cost of water increase.  The drought this pass summer cost the people a lot of money because of the higher rates.  When I put about 3,000 gallons of water a month into my pool because of evaporation, I also pay for 3,000 gallons of sewage.

Because of the price of water, you can see people all over Brownsville were unable to properly water their lawns, which can impact your slab/foundation.  I did not water as I normally do, because the drought made it too expensive.  I did water around my slab/foundation.  Yes, I learned a lesson in terms of damage to my citrus trees.

During this period my electrical bill went down because I invested heavily in energy efficiency. Water efficiency for my pool does not exist.  I have installed three water efficient toilets.  Next year I will buy a more water efficient washer.  I do not use the dishwasher unless I have a dinner party.  I am at the point of diminishing returns on the energy efficiency, so there is nothing left for me to do.


This must be an election issue. And again before the trolls go all orgasmic, Montoya's piece on the issue this morning is very good and must help form a foundation for the May elections. When he wants to write straight up and down journalism he can. I think he would get a lot more ads if this were the norm. I do not object to political ads. I object to writing stories for political candidates for pay.


Less than 30 minutes after I called in a complaint that since early November I have been experiencing 2-3 second power outages, two workers were ringing my door bell.  The BPUB box was fine so it is not on their side of the box.  The worker was concerned and verified, without seeing my notes, the power outages actually occurred on the same dates i had noted.  Well I know my home is in a bird migratory path.  The ducks are great every year when they come.

Well apparently if enough birds are on the wires and start touching wings in a certain way, a 2-3 second power failure can occur.

I am just saying thank you for the speed of their inspection and going out of their way to verify the power outages on the very dates my notes showed they occurred.  So I know for sure it has nothing to do my all of the electrical work I had done on the house

Here is the problem, we can have policy issues with the BPUB Board and city, but when the workers who have nothing to do with policy do a great job we should be willing to say thank you and let the city leaders know the workers are doing their job.


Anonymous said...

Well, the only ducks you have probably ever seen sitting on the power wires are Black-bellied Whistling Ducks. They are not migrants, they are resident to the area. That means they live here all year round. While they are flocked up all year during the spring and summer the flocks are smaller as many pairs are more solitary as they are busy nesting and tending young. In the fall the flocks grow as these birds and their offspring join the flocks. You may be noticing these larger flocks and misinterpreting them as migrating birds. Most, if not all the other ducks, excluding the feral Muscovey Ducks, that are here in the fall and winter are indeed migrants but you are unlikely to see them in your yard and they are unable to sit on power lines due to the physiology of their feet (which is different from that of the whistling ducks). So now you know.

BobbyWC said...

The first ducks boy do I get them. But I did not understand why in the Falls there are so many and the rest of the year not. Thanks for an educational post

bobby WC