Wednesday, November 30, 2016


I agree it is wrong the U.S. taxpayer pays to keep undocumented workers in our prisons, but the other choice is to deport them to a country which will not put them in jail.  Two significant cases in point.

Most remember the woman in San Francisco who who was shot dead by an undocumented worker.

"The man accused of firing the deadly shot -- 45-year-old Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez -- is an undocumented immigrant, a repeat felon who has been deported five times to Mexico, according to immigration officials."

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Another story out of El Paso, same problem.

"Washington Post (Free Registration) -- March 8, 2004

Deadly Incompatibility

"In 2000 the Justice Department's inspector general issued a report detailing the disturbing case of Rafael Resendez-Ramirez. Mr. Resendez-Ramirez had been arrested while crossing the Mexican border illegally, and the Border Patrol -- unaware that he was wanted for murder -- had returned him to Mexico. He subsequently sneaked over again and killed several more people before being caught. "AP Internal Use Only

Source:  Also see history on Wiki

So here is the deal, Trump has promised to deport all of these criminals without a concern in the world within days they will be free and back in the U.S. to kill you.  Donald Trump is either incredibly ignorant, or just lies to get people to like his racism.

We can build a 25 foot cement wall and the next day they will be building 30 foot ladders in Mexico.
No one with knowledge of the facts supports deportation of criminals who then are free to return illegally to the US and commit more crimes, including murder.

Undocumented immigrants who are criminals do not have the same constitutional rights as U.S. citizens if they are in prisons in foreign countries.

I realize people do not like this, but Mexico's President Nieto represented Mexico at Castro's funeral. Many other Latin American leaders attended. These leaders do not deny the human rights abuses, but they also do not deny how he stood up against the US.

Many leaders even from communist countries did not attend because they fear Trump's reaction.  This is sad. But we need Mexico and Trump fails to understand this.  Most of Latin America stands with the U.S. against Maduro in Venezuela, but they will have a hard time working with the U.S. if we get too heavy handed with Latin America. This is why it would have been smarter for everyone to let Castro's passing to pass without notation.


We need Mexico to cooperate with the U.S. if we are to keep these criminals being deported from crossing back into the U.S., a fact oblivious to Trump.

My proposal is we help Mexico to build prisons to their standards to hold the deported criminals. We have the chief security officer being an ICE agent, to insure corruption is kept under control.   But Mexico is not going to work with us or give a crap if these criminals return to the U,S. if we continue with Trump's Big Stick mentality.

The only way we keep these million or so criminals from returning to the US is to incarcerate them in Mexico.  This will not happen unless we make Mexico an equal partner.  Trump will never agree to an equal partnership with Mexico,.  So that sucking sound you will start to hear in late January will be criminals returning to the US to commit crimes against you.

We have three choices, we do nothing and they return to our streets.  We pay to keep them incarcerated in the US or we pay to keep then incarcerated in Mexico.  These are your only three choices, you decide.

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