Thursday, November 10, 2016


It is not too early.  Candidates are already meeting potential financial backers.  No matter how angry you are over the presidential election, there was a message of enough is enough of Washington.

Brownsville continues to operate outside the best interests of a county metroplex.  The extraterritorial fight needs to end.  We desperately need a city commission which understands Brownsville must be part of the larger Cameron county agenda for progress.

Look at BISD, Minerva the only incumbent to win won because of the blind female vote.  The majority clearly did not want her.  

We must focus on throwing out every incumbent.  We nearly did it at BISD.  

All of you same old same old people who can never raise money and have no ideas, please stop running.

We need people who can articulate the need for a Cameron county metroplex which includes Brownsville as a leader, and not as an obstructionist city looking out for itself.

Oh, the logo.  The BV remains the only blog or social media which promotes Brownsville in its logo. The BV's logo is far better than anything the city has to offer.  Brownsville can be big, but it is up to us.  

We have everything needed to become the center of trade to Latin America and do not use it.  We need new leaders who understand this and can speak to the issue.

My issues are candidates who understand Brownsville as part of a Cameron county metroplex and as a major trade center with Latin America.

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