Tuesday, November 8, 2016



I have no idea who is going to be our next president.  I am conflicted because I think it is good for America that a clear message of no more Washington is being sent to both Parties.

No matter what happens let's be happy our Democracy continues to work and the voice of the people has been heard regardless of who wins.  I will stay up as late as possible.  But guys we need to stop arguing and just support who our new president will be.

Original Post:

The early voting is going for Trump, but they are traditionally very Republican areas.  It is too early to know anything.  At about 7:15 p.m. I will begin to call the local elections.


Based on % the winners are Lucio, Rincones, and Yzaguirre (71%)

BISD.  Dr. Sylvia Atkinson - the winner

Caty Presas-Garcia is out - too close call between Laura Perez-Reyes, who leads and Erasmo Castro

Minerva Peña leads and will probably win, but too close to call

Cowen Leads Otis Powers by small margin - too early to call.

This is only early voting and mail ballots.  I am not happy with the large number of mail ballots.


It is a nail biter.  It could be close with Trump even winning.  What Hillary never understood is Bernie gave her a run for her money because people are tired of insiders.  She never addressed this issue, and it may cost her the White House.

I am very, very worried Trump has won.  Trump spoke to the frustrated American, and they appear to be voting in large numbers.


Anonymous said...

Fascism comes to America. Yes, there was a major problem with Hillary. When a cranky 75 year old Jewish Socialist from Brooklyn wins every county in the primaries in both Kentucky and West Virginia, of all places, it's a wake-up call. She should have just gotten the F--- out and turned it over to Joe Biden or someone. Hillary, too old, been around too long, and not too healthy. Now we have the Creepy Clown to deal with for the next four years - he ain't too healthy, either - junk food in (his diet), bile out.

BobbyWC said...

Look the people are tired of Washington. This is why so many people voted for Bernie and not Hillary. She never understood this and took Wisconsin and Michigan for granted and it may cost her.

I do not believe American will lose if Trump wins, what if he really turns Washington upside down, would it be that bad? Also she just picked up a lot of votes in Michigan.

I would not even begin to predict who will win this. But if Hillary wins, she hopefully will be humble herself as not being well liked.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The best HRC can come up with (10:39 PM) is 249 electoral votes. Game over.

BobbyWC said...

My gut tells me Trump wins. But Michigan is moving back to clinton so your number is wrong. But a Trump win will not surprise me and if turns Washington upside down it will be good for the country

BobbyWC said...

I'm not interested in mocking the losers

Anonymous said...

In local politics. In Spanish there is a saying "PODEROSO CABALLERO ES DON DINERO" and it truly is. In specific way the BISD board election.
On the write in for Tax collector, I would like to see the figures of all three people (2 write ins) and if the difference is not more than 100 votes on one or two, I would present a protest to Mr. R. Garza.
I had a situation when I early voted in relation to the Tax Assessor collector position. The only name that appeared in the ballot was that of Tony Yzaguirre, I knew there were two people running as write ins because an elderly relative of mine had gotten the ballots at home and there was a separate sheet with the names of Leo Lopez and Randy Gonzales. I didn't see the sheets anywhere so while I was at the booth I raised my hand and requested for a person from the voting table to approach because I was going to ask a question. I asked to see the sheet with the names. The woman DIDNT KNOW what I was talking about, she went back to the table and asked another person, suddenly they discovered the names had been taped to the side of the cubicle. I WROTE the name of the write in candidate and finished my voting and left. I QUESTION the fact HOW MANY PEOPLE of all the voters knew the names of the write in candidates? HOW MANY QUESTIONED (like I did) where the list with the names was? How many only saw the name of Tony Yzaguirre and just bubbled in that name? To me that is not right. If that happened during early voting, I wonder how many times it happened during the regular voting day. JUST NOT RIGHT.

Anonymous said...

I was poll watching the last two days and I was surprised to see that thousands of ballots had been bubbled in "Write In" but no name written in. I couldn't stop shaking my head because no one would obviously get credit for those ballots. I doubt anyone asked or was told about who the write ins were or where their names can be found. What's even more sickening is the game some voters play with the ballots. Some wrote "El Chapo" "Mickey Mouse" or "Me" under write in. It's sad that people feel ELECTION TIME is a game.

BobbyWC said...

The names were right there in the cubicle where they completed the ballot. Maybe those voters just were not smart enough to read or learn about their options. It was right in front of their eyes.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...